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Cake From Cottage Cheese And Apples

Cake from cottage cheese and apples

Recipe for apple pie is very popular among housewives. Pie with apples is very easy to prepare, in addition, it takes very little time and a minimum number of ingredients. The traditional dish, you can make an original variety - add cheese. Cake turns rosy, fragrant and delicious.

You will need:

cheese (1 pack or 130…

Syroedcheskaya Carrots In Korean

Syroedcheskaya carrots in Korean

For those who goes on a raw food diet, sometimes you want a taste of your favorite dishes. And in the cold and pulls on something sharp-scalding.

You will need:

- 3 medium carrots; - 6 cloves of garlic; - 1/2 tsp sea ​​salt; - 1 / 2-1 tsp honey; - 1 / 4-1 / 2 tsp red…

How To Decorate Snacks

How to decorate snacks

Meals are served at the holiday table beautifully decorated and well-warmed, or vice versa - chilled. Appetizers and salads are put on the table before the banquet. Hot meals are heated just before serving and serve them preferably in a sealed container. It is recommended to bring to the table during the meal, clean the dishes for…

How To Cook Chicken Salad With Pepper

How to cook chicken salad with pepper

Chicken salad with bell pepper gives a very fresh and juicy, while it is rich and can become a full lunch or dinner. It is thanks to the sweet pepper salad is particularly fresh and will enjoy popularity in your home.

You will need:

- chicken breast - 1 pc .; - Onions - 1…

How To Prepare A Cocktail Of Seafood

How to prepare a cocktail of seafood

Cocktail of seafood - one of the most popular dishes in many restaurants. However, a particular advantage of seafood is the fact that the cook of them is also very simple salad at home.

You will need:

seafood cocktail 500 grams tomatoes 2 pieces, 100 grams of mayonnaise sauce, dill; quail eggs 1 package, a…

As The Salt River Fish

As the salt river fish

Experienced fishermen can bring home a big enough catch. What to do with so many fish? Try to pickle it using spicy ambassador. It will be a great snack on a dining table.

You will need:

dishes for salting; a fish; salt; Bay leaf; polka dots of black pepper; coriander.

Instruction as the salt river fish

Step 1:…

Three Ideas Fast, Simple And Original Hot Dishes

Three ideas fast, simple and original hot dishes

Pleasantly surprise a loved one, having prepared for just 10-20 minutes of original and delicious breakfast or dinner. Traditional sausages, spaghetti, eggs or shrimp quickly turn into spectacular dishes.

Such food can even prepare aspiring mistress. For each dish you will need only 2-4 product names.

The idea first, which prompted sausages

If you…

How To Cook Scones With Strawberry

How to cook scones with strawberry

Muffins with strawberry - old bakery with a bright taste and aroma, perfectly suitable for a light breakfast or a picnic. In order to diversify the taste of the filling, you can also add the rhubarb and mint.

Preparing food

To prepare muffins with strawberries, you will need:

200 ml of warm milk; 2.5 cups flour;…
How To Cook Chops Chicken

How to cook chops chicken

Dishes like Chicken, both adults and children. Chicken meat differs delicate taste, but also beneficial to human health. From it you can cook chops or stew, it is fried, steamed, etc. And Chicken chops are obtained simply excellent. The main thing - you need to learn how to cook them properly.

You will need:

chicken breast -…

How To Cook A Delicious Meal

How to cook a delicious meal

Cooking a delicious and filling meal includes preparation of three dishes. It can be served with a salad or just as a separate dish. Salads help to whet the appetite. I am sure there must be one hot dish. It is desirable to meat, so the meat is enriched with nourishing properties, gives strength and…

How To Cook Fish Soup With Green Peas

How to cook fish soup with green peas

Soups are essential for those who care about their health. Especially useful for soups fish. Recipes for preparing such a large number of soup. Among the rare - fish soup with green peas. It is easy to prepare and has a refined taste.

You will need:

- 3 liters of water; 1/2 kilo of…

How To Cook Golgape (Indian Dish)

How to cook golgape (Indian dish)

Golgape (Golgapa, Golgape, Panipuri) - a traditional Indian dish, whose popularity is very high. Golgape is the balls of dough, deep-fried. they stuffed, usually mashed chickpeas with spices. And served with a special bitter water. I propose to try to prepare the foundation dishes - balls of dough on the original recipe and toppings you…

How To Cook Creamy Vegetarian Lasagna With Zucchini

How to cook creamy vegetarian lasagna with zucchini

Vegetarian lasagna with creamy zucchini - incredibly tasty dish for lovers of Italian cuisine.

You will need:

- zucchini, cut into strips - 2 pcs; - A box with sheets of lasagne - 1 pc; - Butter - 3.5 tablespoons; - Flour - 3.5 tablespoons; - Milk - 2 cups; - Ricotta - 150…

How To Cook Chicken Legs Grill

How to cook chicken legs grill

Grilled chicken - a simple and tasty dish that is easy to prepare at home. Apart from the whole chicken carcasses, you can prepare any part of it. For example, the legs. Tender chicken meat is quite nice in itself, but if the pre-marinate it, the taste will seem much brighter.

You will need:

1 kg…

Home Cooked Sausage With Your Hands

Home cooked sausage with your hands

Home cooked sausage, made from natural ingredients, contains no artificial colors, flavors and preservatives - a great alternative to store-bought foods.

Sausage, home-cooked from meat or minced chicken can be used for baby food and dietary, indispensable for preparation of various salads and a variety of sandwiches.

Recipes homemade sausage allow you to change the…

How To Cook A Casserole With Apples

How to Cook a casserole with apples

Apple Casserole tasty and very healthy dish that spoil for breakfast, lunch and light dinner for you and your children. And the simplicity of its manufacture will please housewives. Species apple casseroles great variety, it can be great to combine the apples with carrots, pumpkin, etc.

You will need:

Method 1: apples - 200 g…

How Best To Cook Potato Casserole With Cheese

How best to cook potato casserole with cheese

Potato casserole - a dish that you can cook at deficiency of time and money. In addition, it is less harmful than regular fries. There are many variations of this dish, for example, you can cook a casserole with cheese.

You will need:

Cheese - 200 g; Potatoes - 7-8 pcs .; vegetable or…

How To Cook Vegetables

How to cook vegetables

When cooking vegetables it is important to select the appropriate method that depends on what kind of vegetables are scheduled for lunch or dinner, and more - from the taste preferences of those who will be there. Another important point, moving more and more supporters of proper nutrition - both when cooking to preserve nutrients contained in…

How To Make A Cake & Quot; Napoleon & Quot; Without Oven

How to make a cake "napoleon" without oven

Many people do not have the oven, including I have. Because of this variety of pastries on the table almost none. But all is not lost!

You will need:

Dough: - 3 cups flour; - 1 cup of sugar; - 2 tbsp. tablespoons butter; - 3 eggs; . - 2/3 hours of baking soda,…

How To Boil Eggs For Salad

How to boil eggs for salad

Cooking eggs for a hearty winter salad type "Olivier" or "Capital" - the process seems to be simple. But it has its own quirks and tricks. Undercooked eggs are semi-liquid yolk and loose protein overcooked - the consistency of rubber and gray maloappetitny plaque around the yolk. Those and others are able to spoil the…

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