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Simple Recipes For Pollock

Simple recipes for pollock

Pollock - the fish is delicious, useful and affordable. Prepare pollock in various ways, as it is good taste in almost any form.

Baked pollack with cheese

To prepare this dish you will need:

- 1 kg of pollock fillets;

- 2 large onions;

- 200 g of hard cheese;

- 1 h. L. prepared mustard;


How To Cook Meatballs At Home

How to cook meatballs at home

Cooked home-style meatballs with herbs, are obtained especially aromatic and tender. Since you will be able to choose the herbs that you like, and put them as much as you taste it, the taste of the expiring juice, meat balls, you will find the ideal.

You will need:

pulp of pork or beef; White bread; milk;…

How To Roast Hake

How to roast hake

Silver hake - one of the most useful species of fish, the most delicious fried. There are many simple recipes, which you can cook fish hake.

You will need:

Heck vegetable oil salt flour egg mineral water

Instruction how to roast hake

Step 1:

Since in most stores the country that serves fish in frozen form, before frying hake,…

How To Dry Plums

How to dry plums

Homeland plum is considered Asia. In Europe, it began to be cultivated only in the twelfth century. Fruits of plum sweet, with a pleasant taste, have a whole set of useful acids for human health and vitamins. However, they are stored for a brief period in the fresh form. But well keep their valuable qualities when dried…

How To Prepare Azerbaijan Pilaf

How to prepare Azerbaijan pilaf

Azerbaijani pilaf recipe is one very important distinguishing feature from other types of pilaf. It lies in the fact that rice contact with Kazan in any case should not be allowed. pilaf Meat is also preparing separately.

Instruction how to prepare Azerbaijan pilaf

Step 1:

Take 1 kg of lamb on the bone and cut it into…

How To Cook Spicy Meat Pockets With Vegetables

How to cook spicy meat pockets with vegetables

The secret of spicy meat pockets is the original filling, the main ingredients of which are mint, mustard and honey. Vegetable side dish that is served in a spicy meat pockets allow you to fully enjoy the wonderful flavors of simple dishes.

You will need:

- meat chop - 2 kg; - Lemon -…

How To Prepare A Salad To The Chicken

How to prepare a salad to the chicken

If you are trying to adhere to the principles of healthy eating, aimed at preserving the beautiful shape or want to lose a few kilos, replace high-calorie side dishes with light vegetable salad. In combination with low-fat meats, such as chicken, such dishes can make a great lunch or dinner.

You will need:


Prima Green Vegetables & Ndash; Parsley

Prima green vegetables – parsley

Parsley grown anywhere in the world. On the existence of greenery known in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Initially spice accepted as plant sorrow. But identifying the medicinal properties of parsley, loved for its curative and taste.

Instruction prima green vegetables – parsley

Step 1:

Since the 18th century amazing greens are cultivated everywhere. This green all…

How To Shape Patties

How to shape patties

You kneaded yeast dough and cooked stuffing? So, it's time to form patties. It's not as easy as it may seem - in a simple art of sculpting cakes have a lot of tricks. Do not neglect them - sorry, if she lose shape when baking your buns and tasty toppings spilled, but still will burn.


How To Distinguish Beef From Horsemeat

How to distinguish beef from horsemeat

Horse meat is very useful for the organism, it is recognized easily digestible meat, because it is completely digested 3 hours. Also horse meat reduces cholesterol in the blood is a source of complete protein, trace elements and vitamins. Despite all its advantages over beef, housewives give preference to the latter. But since apparently it…

How To Fry A Turkey Cutlets

How to fry a turkey cutlets

Turkey meat is considered to be not only delicious, but healthy food. This product is widely used in dietary and baby foods. Tender and juicy meat is ideal for cooking hamburgers. As a garnish to cutlets can submit mashed potatoes or boiled white rice.

You will need:

1 kg. turkey breast; 2 potatoes medium sizes; 1…

How To Make Condensed Milk At Home

How to make condensed milk at home

Tasty treat - cooked condensed milk can be made at home. The recipe of preparation is quite simple, but it requires time and attention. Milk should only be very fresh. The higher the fat content of milk, the butter will condensed milk. Add 1-2 tablespoons of cocoa in the cooking process, you will get…

How To Cook The Sauce For Duck

How to cook the sauce for duck

Meat of ducks is considered quite bold and hearty, so on the table for him is best served slightly sour sauces. These sauces are perfectly combined, providing the opportunity to enjoy the delicious taste and spicy aroma of cooked dishes.

You will need:

Recipe №1: fresh or frozen cranberries - 350 g; orange juice -…

How To Bake The Chicken In The Microwave

How to bake the chicken in the microwave

Bake the chicken in a conventional oven is quite troublesome, and it is not always possible. In this case, nothing prevents you cook it in a microwave oven - turn out not less tasty, and the hassle will be much less.

You will need:

Chicken carcass. For the marinade: seasoning "By chicken" - 4…

As Dry Apricots Home

As dry apricots home

Apricots are very useful for beriberi, anemia, cardiovascular and many other diseases because they contain many vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Best of all their useful properties are maintained in the dried fruits - dried apricots, which can be procured from fresh fruit at home.

Take for drying healthy well-ripened apricots with firm flesh and good unattached…

How To Store Watermelon Jam

How to store watermelon jam

Fans of watermelon jam should be borne in mind that vitamin B2, which is especially rich in watermelon, is not destroyed by heat treatment, so the jam of watermelon is not only a delicacy, but also a very useful product supply.

You will need:

- glass jars; - Metal lids with rubber gaskets; - Machine-rolling covers.


How To Make The Right Okroshka

How to make the right okroshka

Hash is called a cold soup, which is prepared exclusively on kvass. It added chopped cooked vegetables and sometimes meat. Sometimes fish and hash. But in order to properly prepare this dish, you can not replace kefir kvass, mineral water and other liquids.

You will need:

300 g rye malt; 100 g of barley malt; 200g…

Cake Sandwich

Cake sandwich

User-friendly and very easy way to feed the guests - to make them a snack cake sandwich, which is enough for all. Cake sandwich - it nezapekaemy cake of bread, which combines several savory fillings, and in fact is a multilayer sandwich.

You will need:

- 600 g wheat bread round or rectangular - 30 g butter - 20 g…

How To Cook A Pizza On Their Own

How to cook a pizza on their own

Pizza - one of the most delicious and popular Italian cuisine. The basis of all recipes - pizza "Margaret". To prepare it, you will need a minimum of products - flour, egg, tomato, onion, cheese and a bit of greenery.

How to cook a pizza "Margaret"?

Order pizza failed, the dough has to…

How To Prepare Pickled Ginger

How to prepare pickled ginger

Pickled ginger - it is a product, which is used in eastern cuisine. Most often it is served with Japanese dishes: rolls and sushi. Pickled ginger is used for decorating dishes and as a snack. Despite the exotic, this product can be cooked at home.

You will need:

Peeler Fresh Ginger Rice vinegar Salt Sugar saucepan and…

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