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How To Store Peeled Potatoes

How to store peeled potatoes

Many housewives cook potato dishes almost daily. And it is quite clear - from potatoes can make pies, mashed potatoes and casseroles, add it to a salad or scrambled eggs, and served with the vegetable indispensable. Is it possible to save time, clean the potatoes for the future and saving it to prepare the next meal?…

How To Cook Fish Stew With Vegetables

How to cook fish stew with vegetables

Fish stew with vegetables is perfect for dietary table, as this dish is not only low-calorie, but also easy to digest. Prepare it can with summer vegetables, with potatoes. And for those who love Japanese cuisine, it will be interesting recipe for fish stew with chicken.

You will need:

For fish ragout with summer vegetables:…

How Delicious To Cook Pollack

How delicious to cook pollack

One of the most accessible in our country, fish is by far the pollock. From it you can prepare almost any dish. It perfectly combines with vegetables and cheese, Pollock produced a very tender and tasty meatballs, rich ear. But in the preparation of this amazingly useful fish in the oven does not require much time…

How To Cook The Jam Of Cherry

How to cook the jam of cherry

Jam recipe involves cooking of whole, not mashed fruits and berries. Fruits and berries to prepare a jelly-like consistency. Typically, jams are made from fruits and berries with a high content of gelling agents. The cherry content of such substances is very small. However, using vegetable pectin, and out of this tasty and healthy…

How To Dry Fruit

How to dry fruit

Preparation of dried fruits fruits - is one of the most ancient natural methods to preserve the taste and useful properties over a long period. There are several different methods of preparing a dried fruit varieties and different ways to remove moisture from the fruit.

You will need:

Fruits and berries Fruit knife. Ascorbic acid or pectin and…

How To Refresh Greenery

How to refresh greenery

Herbs used for cooking not only as a decorative element. Because of the huge amounts of vitamins, it is useful to health. Most valuable to the body of substances found in fresh herbs. But, unfortunately, it dries quickly, losing its beneficial properties. What to do in this case? Try it refresh.

You will need:

The greens, vinegar, water.…

How To Release The Eggs From The Film

How to release the eggs from the film

When salting roe is often necessary to clean it from the films, which are called yastiks. Otherwise its palatability severely affected - it will taste bitter.

Instruction how to release eggs from the film

Step 1:

Prepare the brine for caviar. In one liter of purified water, you will need about three tablespoons of…

How Should I Fry The Cutlets

How should I fry the cutlets

Cutlets - quick to prepare versatile dish, which you can use any garnish. But to get a tasty burgers, tender and juicy, you need not only a good cook beef, and fry it well.

You will need:

- 0.5 kg of meat; - 1 onion; - 150 g of bread; - 1 egg; - 2/3 cup…

How To Cook Roast Beef In English

How to cook roast beef in English

Roast beef - classic meat dish, translated from the English "roast beef" means "fried / baked beef", so real right roast beef is prepared only from the "marble" beef, and only on high heat. Too lean piece of meat after roasting is quite dry, and fatty streaks will enhance the taste and juiciness of…

How To Cook Fish Steak

How to cook fish steak

Fish steak - a real delicacy, and it is much more affordable meat, because meat for steak need special kinds of meat, fish and all - solid steak, but bones and viscera.

You will need:

For tuna steak in a honey glaze on the grill: 500-600 g tuna fillet 4 tbsp olive oil; 4 tablespoons lemon juice;…

How To Make Korean-Style Carrot

How to make Korean-style carrot

Vegetable appetizers and salads are especially relevant in the summer. Since this dish passes the heat treatment, all nutrients (vitamins B2, ascorbic acid and others) are stored. Also carrots in Korean is unique in its taste, which is achieved through a large number of different spices used in the sauce.

You will need:

Carrot - 1 kg…

How To Cook In Prague Garlic Soup (Chesnechka)

How to cook in Prague garlic soup (chesnechka)

After a grueling physical work or a long walk in bad weather forced want to get back in the welcoming arms of the native cuisine and enjoy something hot and hearty. Compensate for lost calories to keep warm and not get sick helps rich soup with the gentle name of "Chesnechka".

You will…

How To Peel Onions

How to peel onions

Onion is a versatile product that is added to almost all dishes. It is very tasty and healthy, except that the cleaning of the burning vegetable is unpleasant occupation because it contained essential substances that can cause tearing. But, nevertheless, there are a few proven ways to help avoid this problem.

Instruction how to peel onions

Step 1:…

How To Prepare A Cake With Jelly

How to prepare a cake with jelly

jelly cake - one of the most low-calorie cakes. In the preparation of this cake, you can use any fruit and berries. If we make the individual layers of the jelly of different colors, then this cake will look very appetizing.

You will need:

For the sponge cake: 1 cup flour 1 tbsp. spoon of…

How To Cook The Tomatoes

How to cook the tomatoes

Large harvest of tomatoes - no problem. Of them can cook a delicious homemade sauce, which will be much more useful purchased. Experiment with ingredients and have new and original variations. They can prepare for future use or eat immediately after cooking, adding a delicious tomato sauce, meat, fish or fresh bread.

You will need:

Tomato paste:…

How To Make A Cake,

How to make a cake "Barbie"

What gift is waiting for the day the birth of a little princess ?! One hundred to one that doll! And so I want to get a birthday cake was delicious ... Combine two gifts in one can make the cake "Barbie". It is worth to warn: it is labor-intensive business, requiring a considerable amount…

How To Bake Pink Salmon

How to bake pink salmon

Pink salmon belongs to the family of salmonids. From it you can cook a variety of dishes: salads and snacks, and the second ear. The pink salmon is enough fat to bake and broil it over charcoal, with no added oil. Entire carcass can be stuffed various fillings. Pink salmon with mushroom filling, baked in vegetables,…

How To Form A Bun

How to form a bun

Currently, you can buy any bakery. But nice to cook and then eat homemade buns. At the same time they can make use of any form or special cooking molds.

You will need:

1 cup flour; 10 g yeast; 0.5 cups milk; 2 eggs; 2 cups sugar; 1/4 teaspoon salt; 1/4 teaspoon vanilla sugar; vegetable oil; 50…

How To Cook Rice Casserole With Vegetables

How to cook rice casserole with vegetables

Nourishing, flavorful and delicious rice pudding - a perfect dish for lunch. And if you cook it with vegetables, she got even more intense and useful.

You will need:

- 2 cups of rice; - 500-600 g zucchini; - 3 eggs; - 1-2 carrots; - cauliflower; - Pepper; - Salt; - Saffron; - Fresh dill;…

How To Make Sour Cabbage Brine

How to make sour cabbage brine

Sauerkraut - a favorite delicacy of several generations of Russians. Without this dish is hard to imagine the everyday meal or even a gala dinner. There are many recipes for sauerkraut, but not all of them allow you to save natural crunching product. The secret is quite simple - cabbage retains its structure and elasticity…

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