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Sea salad with tomatoes "Cherry"

Probably not a man who would not come to taste (especially in hot weather), seafood salad? And if you add to seafood ripe tomatoes "Cherry"Then enjoy this dish will double. So how do you cook "Sea salad"?

Sea salad with tomatoes

I prepare this salad in its perhaps not all, but the recipe is good because it is simple and very tasty. Preparation time 20 minutes For preparation we need: - Shrimp (500gramm) - Squids (500 grams) - Mussels (200 grams) - Arugula (50 grams) - Tomatoes "Cherry" (200 grams) - Olive oil (tbsp.) - Apple cider vinegar (to taste) Boiled and peeled shrimp to add arugula, to send the same chopped cooked squid rings. Mussels are adding a whole, you can use canned. Washed and cut in half the tomatoes "Cherry" adding to the remaining ingredients. Half a lemon cut into cubes with the skin, and also add to the salad, it will give the salad an unusual freshness. Season with salt, a little, add ground black pepper and dressed with olive oil, vinegar. Vinegar may be added if desired, as is present in the salad lemon, it is possible to do entirely without Vinegar. Salad should be eaten right away, freshly prepared, not prepared in advance. Pre can only prepare seafood, cook them just a few minutes. Shrimp cook for 2-3 minutes after boiling, cook squid 4 minutes, depending on size. The truth is in fact nothing complicated? Enjoy your meal.