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Secrets of moderation in food

Overeating harms not only figure, but also with time significantly undermines health. There are simple ways to help control and reduce the amount absorbed by the food.

Secrets of moderation in food

Instruction secrets moderation in food

Step 1:

Review your diet. No need to starve, better to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions, in this case, the body will not experience acute feelings of hunger, and as a result the total amount of food intake is reduced.

Step 2:

The feeling of satiety comes only after 15-20 minutes after the time when the body receives the required amount of food to him. Therefore, there is need to slowly, carefully chewing food and enjoying a meal.

Step 3:

Drink more water, thirst often masquerades as hunger. During the 20 minutes before a meal drink a glass of clean water without gas. The rate of consumption of drinking water depends on the weight and the degree of physical activity. Limit the consumption of sugary carbonated beverages, they increase appetite.

Step 4:

Give an advantage of the protein diet. Proteins take longer to digest, give a feeling of fullness, enhance muscle and no fat. Lean meat, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, fish, buckwheat, eggs should form the basis of the diet.

Step 5:

There is a theory about the relationship between human appetite and color dishes. Crockery yellow promotes a more rapid saturation. Using this technique can reduce the amount of food eaten. Does eating less attractive dishes of black, green and brown colors.

Step 6:

Replace the large and deep dish a miniature models. For soups buy mini bowls and no additives.

Step 7:

Do not eat in front of the TV (PC) and during the reading. Savoring every bite of food slowly and not being distracted by extraneous stimuli. As a result, you can hardly ask for supplements and eat less.

Step 8:

Do not seize the boredom and stress, better take a walk in the fresh air or enjoy a physically active.

Step 9:

The main reason for eating - evening and night snacks. Do not linger late into the night, good night's sleep instead of late dinner - the key to harmony and health.