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Spring goodies: cook of the first green

In the spring when the first green is gaining strength, it is time to use it for food. Of course, the flowers and the grass from the nearest park or a lawn behind the house on the table should not be exposed. To dial a tasty and healthy treats pasture, you need to travel further from the city, then another move away from the road, near a green poisoned by exhaust fumes.

Spring goodies: cook of the first green

the solar salad

Useful and tasty salad of dandelion greens. The greens a lot of vitamin C, iron and phosphorus. However, the food can be consumed in all parts of the plant, such as fresh roots washed fried as potatoes, or dried and used instead of chicory. Green is better to collect before flowering, and be sure to soak in salt water at least 1-2 hours. Finely chop 2 handfuls of dandelion greens, add crumbled 2 boiled eggs and finely chopped onion (or a handful of green onions). Stir and season with vegetable oil, yogurt or 1 cup of yogurt and zest of one lemon sauce. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Italy in a Siberian

From fresh garlic can be cooked almost Italian snack - the famous pesto. In the original, it is made from olive oil, basil, pecorino cheese and pine seeds, dried tomatoes are sometimes added. In simpler versions piniyu replaced with walnuts and expensive cheese - cost options. For the pesto on the Siberian finely chop 100 g of washed garlic stems. Fry on a dry frying pan or in the oven 50 g of treated pine nuts. Mix them with herbs and grind in a mortar or turn into a puree in a blender. Add 100 ml of vegetable oil (preferably olive) and 100 grams of grated cheese, salt and pepper. Pesto is added as a sauce for pasta (macaroni) or spread on crackers and bread. 

Oil of garlic

This is another version of the delicious and beautiful additions to sandwiches. A pack hold oil at room temperature, so that it becomes malleable, but not melted. Divide it into two parts. First, add 30 g of chopped garlic and stir well. This mixture can be left with large fragments of green or turn into a blender puree. In the second part of the oil squeeze a few cloves of garlic, stir and roll through the food film in the form of a rectangle. In the center lay a mixture of oil with wild garlic and roll roll. Put on an hour or two in the freezer and serve in a normal nipple.