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Strawberries: benefits and harms health

Fragrant strawberries - the most beloved and long-awaited treat coming summer. Ripening berries look forward to both children and adults.

Strawberries: benefits and harms health

It is best to eat freshly picked strawberries - a great dessert, but if you add it to dairy products such as cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, etc., get rich and not-calorie snack.

On the merits of strawberries can be a long talk. Strawberry 85% consists of water, but the remaining 15% are striking variety: protein, fiber, a little fat, complex carbohydrates. Organic acids, ash, vitamins E, C, B 3, thiamine, riboflavin. Leading position takes potassium and calcium are among the micronutrients. Many of phosphorus and magnesium, chlorine and sulfur has, copper, manganese, iron and iodine.

Scientifically proven positive impact of strawberries on the human body: it helps fight molokroviem (anemia). Potassium contained in strawberries, favorably out on the cardiovascular system, reduces eye pressure. 5-6 strawberries cover half the daily requirement of vitamin C, that is, serve as a good tool in the fight against colds and immune reconstitution after illness. It also helps with hypertension and well whitens teeth.

Still strawberry is very useful for pregnant women in small terms, since a large amount of folic acid in berries beneficial effects on the developing nervous system of the baby.

With all the advantages of a strawberry are not as harmless as it seems: it is a very strong alleggen, it is contraindicated in nursing mothers. People with gastrointestinal diseases should limit consumption of berries, can increase the acidity and cause disorder zheluzhke. People suffering from heart disease and are taking medication for them, pay attention to the use of a dose of berries. Strawberries can enhance the effects of drugs and adversely affect the whole process of treatment.