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Tender beef in a sauce pot

Beef - meat rather specific, inappropriate preparation it can turn into a "sole", which will not chew. There is a very simple recipe, in which even the most rigid and old meat just melts in your mouth.

Tender beef in a sauce pot

You will need:

- ceramic pot with a capacity of 1.5-2 liters, or a few small, well fit cast iron cauldron; - Beef or veal - 1 kg; - Onions - 4 large pieces; - Sunflower oil - 2 tbsp; For the sauce: - 1 tsp flour; - 1 tsp mustard; - ½ tsp salt; - 200 g cream

Instruction tender beef in a sauce pot

Step 1:

The meat cut into pieces the size of a walnut.

Step 2:

At the bottom of the cauldron or pot pour sunflower oil.

Step 3:

Onions cut into fairly large cubes.

Step 4:

Put in a pot or cauldron meat, pour onion.

Step 5:

Send in the oven for exactly 2 hours covered with a lid.

Step 6:

After this time, remove the semi-dish. Onion melt and give a lot of juice, which will float meat.

Step 7:

Rub the flour, mustard, salt and add sour cream.

Step 8:

Pour the sauce into the meat and place in oven for another half hour.

Step 9:

In this recipe, the beef is a surprisingly gentle, she melts in your mouth. Any, even the lean beef is tender and tasty. Ready meat on a plate and pour the sauce from the pot. During the preparation of the beef becomes creamy taste and smell can be compared with the smell of julienne. In taste the dish as a bit of a mushroom. Do not be afraid that the 2 hours the meat will turn into embers or foothills, this does not happen, if added the right amount of onions.