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The meaning of the Chinese tea ceremony Kung Fu Cha

It is because of China to Western countries come art of the tea ceremony. What is the significance Kung Fu Cha, the real Chinese tea ceremony, which is still for many is something mysterious and incomprehensible?

The meaning of the Chinese tea ceremony Kung Fu Cha

Perhaps no country in the world did not pay much attention to the ceremony of tea drinking, as in China, who taught the world to drink tea consciously. Traditional Chinese tea ceremony - is the quintessence of the philosophy and traditions, the centuries-old heritage of Eastern wisdom.

One of the most important ideological elements of the tea ceremony - is an expression of respect to the ancestors. Chinese traditional society with a large pitetetom belongs to the older generation, so any of the tea ceremony is to express reverence for seniors, offering them a drink first. During the tea ceremony observed a strict hierarchy of age and social status. Another meaning of the tea ceremony - an opportunity to unite the family. Indeed, well-brewed tea is able to gather around him the whole family, each of whose members will enjoy the refined taste of the beverage. Tea - the most important part of family gatherings in China, such a ceremony confirms the preservation of family values ​​in the traditional Chinese way of life. In addition, the tea in China carries the value of apologies and thanks. If you really want to express my sincere thanks, take a well-seasoned tea, and then gave it as a gift to the right person. Pouring tea to someone, you show repentance, obedience, is the symbol of a specific apology and reconciliation. Without the tea ceremony can not do and big traditional wedding. With tea is familiar families of bride and groom, tea brings them together, every family member gets his cup of tea, and consent to the Tea Party represents consent to the marriage of the bride and groom.

This tea ceremony Kung Fu Cha lasts at least an hour, sometimes two hours. During the ceremony can not be distracted by the external world, to fully enjoy the contemplative atmosphere of the ceremony and the tea flavor. In order to bodily discomfort did not prevent enjoy tea, experienced masters do not recommend to burden the body abundant food before the ceremony. However, also not recommended to drink tea on an empty stomach. Enough light dinner.

After the tea ceremony, you will feel a deep tranquility, tune in a philosophical mood, relieve stress, get a really unforgettable experience and emotions.