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The most useful porridge

Porridge is a common dish in the menu, the common man, who looks after their health. Each species has its useful properties, which positively influence the work of the body.

The most useful porridge

First of all, porridge are useful properties in that it contains a large amount of fiber and organic substances. Almost all kinds of cereals bring body good, if you eat at the right time. In some cases, a medical approval, as each individual body reacts to certain dishes.

The most useful porridge - are those that have a positive effect on the organs and systems of the body. In the first place can be put buckwheat, whose composition is rich enough. Its use is the normalization of the pancreas, the liver due to iron content. Also we evaluated the quality fans calorie food, which is quite well absorbed by the body. Of course, the best option is steaming grits with boiling water, as in this case, all useful properties of oatmeal, which will tell about cooking.

Not inferior in quality buckwheat and rice. The most useful is considered to brown, which helps remove intoxication after being poisoned by chemicals (arsenic, lead, etc.). This is useful porridge, if you follow the cooking technology. To speed up the cooking time must be thoroughly rinsed in running water rump to wash the excess starch. It should be noted that rice porridge is the prevention of cancer. Also part of the necessary diet of people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. But caution should be used for people with constipation, as rice porridge has the effect of fixing.

About useful if porridge, you can not even think. Oatmeal is considered the first lure infants, since not only is rich in fat, but also vegetable proteins. Also, these cereals are a source of useful trace elements, without which it can not be normal growth and development of the child (sodium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and vitamins). This dish stabilizes the digestive system, is used as a reducing agent after the disease and operations as causing minimal damage to the body. The unique texture coats the stomach walls and fills the body vigor.

Another useful species of cereal are millet, which effectively reinforce the tissue due to the content of copper, silicon, iron, fluorine, and other substances. Copper influences the elasticity of the skin and tissues fluoro required for normal tooth formation, iron - for normal blood circulation in the body, etc.

The greatest amount of fluorine contained in the barley porridge, which many neglect. And for good reason. After all, this element significantly increases the speed and force of muscle contractions, which are so necessary for manual workers and athletes. A special feature is the cooking duration of cooking, but you can speed up the process, if the pre-soak the cereal for a few hours in cold water.

Thus, the regular use of various types of cereals leads to that the human body receives all necessary materials and complex vitamin for normal development and activity. Experienced hostess know that cereals can be not only a separate dish for children's nutrition, but also served as a side dish with various additives. The most common combination is considered to be the rump with mushrooms, vegetables, sauerkraut, dried fruit, nuts, etc. It all depends on the individual characteristics and the taste preferences of the person.