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The recipe for meatballs

Tasty fragrant cakes have long been one of the most popular dishes. They are so accustomed in our country, almost every family has its own recipe. Despite this, in the preparation of hamburgers have a trick common to all recipes. Mix minced necessary to "white threads" - that is, until it comes out of meat protein.

The recipe for meatballs

For burgers, you will need:

- 500 grams of beef;

- 300 grams of pork;

- 100 g of onions;

- 100 ml of milk;

- 50 g of wheat bread;

- 40 grams of vegetable oil

- 35 g flour;

- 5 g of salt;

- 2 g of black pepper.

Cooking burgers

Prepare the meat: remove excess fat and rough films. Carefully inspect the pieces - if not where traces of veterinary print left. Slice the beef and pork into small pieces - they must penetrate into the mouth of the mincer.

Peel and chop the onions. Many cooking beef for meatballs, onions fried in vegetable oil; This recipe does not include frying.

Remove the crust from the bread wheat. Do not dispose of them - "tunnel" from the peels can make good bread crumbs. Soak the breadcrumbs in a little warmed milk, hold it until all the milk is absorbed.

By the way, if you want the bread soaked in minced cutlets can be replaced for porridge or grated on a fine grater potato. The quality burgers such substitution will not affect.

Pass the meat, onions and bread through the grinder. To cutlets turned softer - it makes sense to do it twice. If you are planning that burgers would have small children - further processed beef blender. Add salt and season with black pepper. Mix stuffing his hands to the white threads.

Sformuyte of minced meat balls weighing 75-100 g, slightly splyusnite them and roll in flour. Cutlets on this recipe will turn out even more succulent, if the molding blanks hands greased with vegetable oil.

Quickly fry the cutlets on both sides over high heat, then add in a frying pan and place it in the oven. Then about 20-25 minutes. at a temperature not higher than 80 degrees. When cooking this way are obtained the most delicious cakes.