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The recipe for stuffed zucchini

Courgettes contain sodium and potassium salts, vitamins, minerals and pectin. Promotes better intestinal peristalsis. Therefore, you must include in your diet dish of zucchini. Stuffed zucchini tasty dish that is suitable for the festive table, and for the daily lunch or dinner.

The recipe for stuffed zucchini

You will need:

- zucchini; - chopped meat; - bow; - carrot; - Rice; - Spices; - Egg; - Lettuce.

Instruction recipe for stuffed zucchini

Step 1:

To begin prepare zucchini. It is best to choose a young zucchini, which can not cut off the rind. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned and wiped with a clean kitchen towel. Cut the zucchini lengthwise into two equal halves, which will resemble a boat or from side to side to get a ring thickness of 5-6 cm. With the help of a teaspoon remove the seeds. Prepared courgettes drop into boiling salted water for a few minutes, and throws in a colander.

Step 2:

Take the ready-minced meat (pork and beef in equal amounts), add to it salt, spices, egg. All the mix. Onions finely chop. Carrots shred on a grater. On heated pan add a knob of butter and fry the onion and carrot until golden brown.

Step 3:

In a small saucepan pour water, add a little salt. Boil rice until half, then toss it in a colander. Mix the minced meat with rice, fried onions and carrots.

Step 4:

Courgettes fill the stuffing, put in a shallow dish or pan, slightly greased with sunflower oil surface. Bake in the oven until cooked. Serve the stuffed courgettes on green leaves of lettuce, garnish with dill them.