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The recipe of fish cutlets pike

Cutlets pike - it is incredibly tasty and tender dish, which will be enjoyed by both adults and children. To pudding turned out juicy and appetizing, use exclusively fresh fish recipe, which has not been frozen.

The recipe of fish cutlets pike

You will need:

- pike weighing about a kilogram;

- one onion;

- two raw egg whites;

- two slices of white bread;

- tablespoon butter;

- 100 ml cream;

- 50 ml of milk;

- salt and pepper to taste;

- vegetable oil.

Peel onion, chop it and lightly fry in hot skillet (frying using butter). Time frying of the product - five to seven minutes, be sure to watch out for, so that a bow is not burnt, otherwise tasteless burgers are obtained.

Then take the pike, wash it in cold water, remove the tail, fins and head, the very fish gut, remove the entrails and rinse it again. Cut the pike in half along the spine, and then remove the bones, skin fillets. Fillet mince, minced fish Transfer to a bowl and add the previously fried onions, mix well.

In a separate bowl, heat the milk and put it in a white bread for five minutes. Mash with a fork sodden bread and the resulting homogeneous slurry Transfer to the meat. Whisk the egg whites into the dense foam and mix them with the previously prepared mass. To this mixture, add the cream (fat content of not less than 20% should be the product), salt, pepper and mix well.

In a frying pan, pour vegetable oil and put on fire. Hands soak in warm water, take a small piece of meat, shape it from a flat oval meatball and place it in the pan. Thus fabricate the remaining patties and fry them on both sides until golden brown (roasting time on the one hand - three to five minutes). Ready-made burgers served at the table hot with garnish. As a side dish is perfectly suitable mashed potatoes, rice or steamed vegetables.