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Three ideas fast, simple and original hot dishes

Pleasantly surprise a loved one, having prepared for just 10-20 minutes of original and delicious breakfast or dinner. Traditional sausages, spaghetti, eggs or shrimp quickly turn into spectacular dishes.

Three ideas fast, simple and original hot dishes

Such food can even prepare aspiring mistress. For each dish you will need only 2-4 product names.

The idea first, which prompted sausages

If you have only from edible sausage and pasta spaghetti, one you quickly whipped up a royal dinner. First boil the water. During this time you narezhete each sausage in a natural casing crosswise into 4 pieces. You can leave them whole or cut in half crosswise only.

Now, plug in each piece of sausage or 5-8 macaroni. Spaghetti should pierce the sausage along and look out symmetrically on the left and right side.

Lower your "spiders" or, as they are called, "hot dogs with hair" in the boiling water, boil until cooked pasta. You can drain the water for 1-2 minutes before, cover the pan with a lid and let it brew for pasta. Then they reach the condition, and the sausages are not digested.

The idea of ​​a second, egg

For her oven and need the following products:

- 3 round buns;

- 3 eggs;

- 100 g of bacon;

- 50 g milk;

- piece of butter.

Turn on the oven, even if it is heated up to + 200 ° C. On top of the buns cut off, remove the spoon part of the flesh. Pour the milk into a bowl. Put it upside down bun, holding her bottom to the sides of the bread soaked in liquid products. This will prevent the dish from drying during baking.

Oil the form, place it in a bun cut up. Put each sliced ​​bacon, gently hammer on the top raw egg. Put the form in a hot oven, the lid or cover, or the yolks will light when baked.

Cook about 20 minutes. When applying you can decorate muffins sliced ​​with fresh herbs.

The idea of ​​a third, starring shrimp

Why not cook on Thursday next of kin shrimp fish? At 500 g of these small crustaceans, you will need:

- 30 g butter;

- Article 1.5. l. acute ketchup;

- 2 pieces of bay leaf and peppercorns;

- ¼ cup dill melkonashinkovannogo;

- 2 teeth of garlic;

- salt.

Boil the water with the bay leaf and pepper peas. Put the shrimp, let them boil over high heat. Then turn it off, let it brew for crustaceans 3 minutes in hot water.

During this time, you melt the butter in a pan, add to ketchup, dill, chopped garlic. Then put the pan into the shrimp, fry, stirring occasionally, 5 minutes.

The fragrance will be extraordinary, a loved one will appreciate your elegant dish for cooking which you spent so much time and hassle.