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Useful properties of seafood

Shrimp, mussels, squid and other seafood we value is now no less than native potatoes or carrots. They are very much useful vitamins and minerals for our body.

Useful properties of seafood

Kilogram "Seafood Cocktail" is we are cheaper than beef, and benefit from it much more. Do not forget about it. Fish days at least twice a week, or even better three - right to health for everyone.

Firstly, you will feel better: all seafood - a great source of high quality and, importantly, easily digestible protein. Second, become less sick. Fish oil perfectly strengthens the immune system and Omega-3 fatty acids protect the heart and blood vessels, including vessels of the brain. Thirdly, there is no shortage of essential nutrients.

The seafood scientists counted over 40 useful microelements, including phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper, fluorine, selenium, vitamins A, E and B complex, and iodine. Enough to eat 20-50 grams of shrimp, and the daily rate of iodine is provided to you. Incidentally, in seafood contains from 10 to 20% protein and low fat - 1.5 to 5%.

How to choose fish products. Note, first on ice, where seafood are: it should not be melted. Smell selected seafood, from fresh and quality - a pleasant, slightly sweet flavor. The package of frozen seafood should be no snow and ice pieces. If seafood sold in brine, it must be transparent, without impurities. In fresh fish fillets dense, slightly shiny texture and edges are not dried up.

Unfortunately, some people can cause allergic seafood. Most often, this reaction is exactly on the marine and fresh-water fish do not, regardless of whether it is raw or cooked. And the attack can provoke even the fishy smell.