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Useful than cheese

Cottage cheese - an extremely valuable sour milk product. It is included in most of the medical diets for serious liver disease, atherosclerosis and hypertension. Curd protein rich in amino acids, and its degree of assimilability by the human body is significantly higher than the meat proteins.

Useful than cheese

Instruction useful than cottage cheese

Step 1:

Also protein curd comprises methionine and choline, which contribute to the prevention of atherosclerosis. The use of this fermented milk product helps to establish your metabolism and significantly improve the condition of the joints and bones. It is known that cheese is extraordinarily rich in calcium. This trace mineral important beneficial effects on the operation of the entire central nervous system, it is involved in blood clotting, stimulates the synthesis of a large number of enzymes, and most importantly significantly strengthens bones of man.

Step 2:

In diseases of the stomach and intestine, liver, pancreas, infectious processes in the body during pregnancy and lactation is traditionally used kaltsirovanny (fresh) cheese with a low acidity. This product can make your own at home.

Step 3:

Boil the milk in an enamel pot, stirring constantly, then add a 10% solution of calcium chloride (in the ½ a liter of milk - 1 tablespoon of the solution with a small slide). This medication is available over the counter. Curdled milk cool and strain through gauze fabric. And that the resulting curd was not liquid, place it on a five to ten minutes under pressure.