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What it can not be eaten during Lent

Lent in its most rigid restrictions, so issues that are not eaten in the post, there is quite a lot. In practice, it is difficult is just the beginning, whereas later doubts about the permissibility of certain products disappear by themselves.

What it can not be eaten during Lent

You will need:

- meatless foods.

Instruction that can not be eaten in Lent

Step 1:

It is strictly prohibited to post any kind of meat, whether it belongs to any class. This rule also applies to poultry and fish, so meals are prepared as you can not. Opinions differ only about the seafood, because they belong to a different family than the fish. But true believers believe that the clams are also live, so much the differences between them and there is no fish, so their use is also best avoided.

Step 2:

Food in the post to be only plant. Products of animal origin - it-fasting food, to which the not only the flesh of animals, but also everything that is produced with their participation. This milk, any dairy, cream, yoghurt, kefir, eggs, including egg powder, manufacturers frequently added to various products.

Step 3:

Do not eat in the post not only similar products in its pure form, but also any other dishes containing them. That is a cup of coffee with the addition of vegetable cream perfectly acceptable, whereas breakfast with pancakes stuffed with jam permissible potato or when a part of the test includes milk and eggs, can not. Therefore it is not permitted, and most of the baking, unless it is lean.

Step 4:

Not allowed as a sauce mayonnaise, which is composed of and oil, and eggs, so it is best to fill the salad with soy sauce or lemon juice.

Step 5:

Prohibited consume any alcohol, despite the fact that natural recipes it should have a vegetable origin. This is due to the fact that post - it is primarily a purification of the soul, not diet, and alcohol for a person - a luxury rather than a necessity.

Step 6:

The ban also applies to oil, but here the situation is not so categorical. On Saturday, Sunday and holidays on the church calendar days allowed oil.