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What to cook for breakfast

Folk wisdom invites us to give up dinner, while we neglect this advice, do the opposite - give up breakfast. Not all, of course, but many of us, in spite of nature and common sense, do not find time for the most important thing, according to nutritionists, eating. Perhaps the reason for this is some confusion, because in the evening we have not decided what to cook for breakfast. Then the question is easy to solve.

What to cook for breakfast

What to cook for a healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast - that suggests the right approach to the compilation of the morning menu. By useful products, of course, include fresh vegetables and fruits, yogurts, cereals, cheese, eggs, cereal. Start their breakfast will be freshly squeezed juice. In yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria, which help strengthen the immune system. Cheese contains easily digestible protein and calcium, but because it is also necessary to include a morning diet.

A wonderful option - to cook porridge for breakfast. The most useful of cereals, perhaps, will buckwheat and oat. Not without reason Oatmeal comes in a classic English breakfast. After her hunger reminds himself only closer to the dinner. Buckwheat same, except in Russia, elsewhere is not popular. And in vain, because this cereal is not only rich in protein and trace elements needed by the body: iron, iodine, zinc. However, there is one caveat preparation in which the beneficial properties of buckwheat are preserved almost completely: the cereal should not be exposed to heat treatment. Ideal - pour it evening milk or yogurt. And absolutely gorgeous breakfast dish - millet porridge with milk and pumpkin.

Often, for breakfast cook an omelet or scrambled eggs. If the use of the first course can not be questioned, the eggs in this category include quite difficult, as all the roast. But you can cook an omelet in the oven. To do this, oiled tins put halves of cherry tomatoes, a little salt, pour the eggs. Number of tomato and egg depends only on the size of the molds. Sprinkle with grated cheese eggs baked in the oven for about 15 minutes.

What to cook a breakfast of cheese

If you have time, you can cook the curd pudding or cheesecakes. A simpler way - to whip cottage cheese with fruit in a blender and spread on toast. Savoury sandwich option when whipped cottage cheese with slices of fresh vegetables, either cucumbers or tomatoes or peppers. Vegetation in this case more than appropriate.

What to prepare breakfast quickly

The leader of a quick lunch in Russia - a simple piece of bread with various additives, referred to as a sandwich. It leaves far behind and dry breakfast cereals, and fruits. Popularity sandwich experts explain the fact that its components can be all sorts of products that were in the fridge, and even sweet spreads. And those who are always in a hurry, the toast can be eaten on the go.