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Why cook mushrooms before freezing

Refrigerators with a large freezer changed our idea of ​​how to harvest the mushrooms for the winter. If before our ancestors were dried and pickled these gifts of nature, it is now increasingly resort to the mistress freezing. Many believe that before it mushrooms to cook. Why is this done?

Why cook mushrooms before freezing

Instruction why cook mushrooms before freezing

Step 1:

During cooking the mushrooms reach the state ready for use. This automatically means that immediately after thawing them can be put into the cooking. The gain in time is obvious. We spend 30-40 minutes per game in the autumn. And in the winter we will use portions of mushrooms, but do not spend time on their cooking. Thus, the first reason why the mushrooms are cooked before freezing - saving time on the subsequent cooking.

Step 2:

The second reason - a significant change after cooking mushrooms in size. Place in the refrigerator for the next party takes less so, and to prepare possible.

Step 3:

Not all fungi broth can be used for cooking. This certainly does not apply to traditional edible white, aspen and podberёzovikov. But many russules and other conditionally edible mushrooms produce quite bitter broth, which still has to be poured. So the third reason - the elimination of mushrooms before freezing bitter and harmful substances. At the same time killed and caterpillars, which are easy to see when cleaning large quantities of mushrooms for freezing.