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Why you should drink plenty of water

Say at once - of course, it is not necessary to drink a lot of water, but to limit the consumption of water in the body does not. Why?

Why you should drink plenty of water

Water - the basis of our life. Without water is impossible the normal functioning of organs and systems of the body protein, ranging from the banal digestive system and blood circulation, finishing maintaining beautiful appearance, which is so important for the female half of humanity. Losing moisture, the skin becomes thinner, it loses its elasticity and restore moisture in the skin is very difficult, even with the most expensive moisturizers.

Water - the universal solvent, getting into the blood, it helps the absorption of nutrients by the body. Water clears the body of waste products and this is especially important for any disease.

Water plays an important role in maintaining a stable body temperature. And in the hot days we must remember that dehydration catastrophically negative effect on health.

But do not blindly listen to the recommendations on water consumption, which is published in glossy magazines. Often, these recommendations are too unambiguous, persistent, and because each organism has its own nuances. For example, the average amount of water required for a person per day is defined as 30-40 ml per kilogram of body weight, but the main indicator of the need for a drink - thirst. Just listen to your own body and do not go to extremes.