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8 rules that will help to cope with insomnia

Again not spitsya..Te who are familiar with insomnia, understand how this unpleasant condition. And they try to cope with it, but in the shuffle. But fortunately, there are some simple rules to combat insomnia. Perhaps they will help deal with this problem.

8 rules that will help to cope with insomnia

Instruction 8 of the rules, which will help to cope with insomnia

Step 1:

Getting up is necessary at certain times. This is the most simple and solid rule of all. It helps to avoid the development of "owl syndrome", which, in turn, can cause insomnia.

Step 2:

The bed should be used strictly for use - for sleeping. You do not need her to lie and sit for days on end. It should not be a place for all sorts of gatherings.

Step 3:

Create for yourself a daily bedtime ritual. For example, ventilate the room, wash, and the like. Once you lie down after certain actions, the subconscious understands this as a signal that you're ready for bed.

Step 4:

Do not sleep during the day. Quite often, when we'll sleep in the daytime, at night it becomes very difficult to sleep.

Step 5:

Do not be upset because of the fact that you just can not sleep. The more you think about it, the less the likelihood that you will quickly fall asleep. And do not torment yourself with thoughts that you get up early tomorrow, and the like. This will only exacerbate the situation and take away the dream.

Step 6:

Before going to sleep you need to relax. You can even do special exercises for this: lie on your back and try to relax all the muscles of the body completely, especially the face. Then scroll in the head several times the phrase - my muscles are completely relaxed, my body a rest, I do not care about nothing. The most important thing - the ultimate in relaxation and sleep has come of itself.

Step 7:

Read in English or any other language. Lie down on your back, not hiding a blanket, then relax all the muscles in your body and as you exhale begin to count to, for example, 20 and vice versa. Soon your thoughts will be confused and you freeze slightly. It's time to lie on your side, wrapped in a blanket and sweet sleep in warmth and comfort. Not to be considered in Russian. You must select a language that is difficult to understand.

Step 8:

Try to turn off all thoughts. Many people, when they go to sleep, summarize the day. If you can not calm the mind, then go for an evening stroll and think about all the road. At the same time set up a positive themselves for the coming day. Good luck to you!