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As of the beer alcoholism cure

The term "beer drinking" only exists in the population. Drug experts are of the opinion that alcoholism - a disease that develops as a result of the use of any alcoholic beverages. Alcoholism Cure is possible only with the commitment and active participation of the patient.

As of the beer alcoholism cure

You will need:

- herb thyme.

Instruction on how to cure the beer alcoholism

Step 1:

Reassure the person suffering from alcoholism in need of treatment. If he has no desire to be cured, all your efforts will be fruitless. As an argument in a conversation, use the argument that the regular consumption of alcohol causes significant damage to the budget of the family leads to a loss of social status, a negative impact on the health status, etc. Engage all threads that can cause response from the interlocutor. Closely monitor response to your statements. Focus on the situation, on any "hot spots" is to press and what topics better get round.

Step 2:

Do not blame the person that he is sick. Avoid negative statements. You need to become an assistant in the fight against alcohol addiction.

Step 3:

Protect your ward from the so-called alcohol company, in which he usually spends time. Find any feasible work to fill the time, which came after the rejection of the use of beer. Give feel useful and necessary.

Step 4:

Find out if your village support groups of people suffering from alcoholism. If they exist, then ask the person treating you do, go there. In support groups, patients get to communicate with people who find themselves in similar situations, share their successes and morally support each other. When looking for support groups, be careful, do not fall for ads of different sects, offering assistance dependent on alcohol and drugs.

Step 5:

Try to develop a human patient the conditioned reflex in the form of vomiting in response to the consumption of beer. Take 1 tbsp herb thyme, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and put in a water bath for 10-15 minutes. Then strain the infusion, and give drink to a person suffering from alcoholism 1/3 cup. Immediately after the thyme give a small amount of beer. After a few minutes of drunk liquids nausea occurs, and then vomiting. Repeat daily for 2 weeks to form a gag reflex smell and taste of beer.

Step 6:

If you attempt self-treatment of alcoholism have been unsuccessful, consult a narcologist.