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As stabbing aloe

Aloe extract injections are indicated for gynecological diseases, bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer of the duodenum and stomach. In addition, the medication prescribed for eye diseases of varying severity. The drug helps restore damaged tissue and improve circulation.

As stabbing aloe

You will need:

- Aloe extract in ampoules; - Syringe; - Wool; - Rubbing alcohol.

Instruction how to prick aloe

Step 1:

Thoroughly wash your hands and wipe them with cotton wool soaked in alcohol.

Step 2:

Aloe is intended for subcutaneous administration, so you have to decide on the place where the injection will be done. It is better if the injection is made in the stomach or upper part of the arm, but, if desired, can be administered in the thigh or medicine yagoditsu.Esli you are doing is not the first shot, try not to get in the place of the previous injections. It could face a painful thickening of the skin and scarring.

Step 3:

Enter aloe extract in sterile "insulin" syringe. His thin needle will allow for injection, minimizing pain. Usually the drug dose for an adult is 1 ml for children 5 years kolyat 0.5 ml, at a young age - not more than 0.3 ml. Maximum allowable daily dose is 4 mL, but it is rarely assigned. In most cases, the injection is done once a day, and a one-time administration of that amount of the drug under the skin is very painful, so a small daily dose is compensated fairly long duration of the course lecheniya.Detyam and adults who can not tolerate the pain of the injection of aloe, it is recommended to make a pre-injection of 2 % novocaine solution (0.5 mL).

Step 4:

Inject medicine slowly to the injection site on the subsequently formed seal. The needle should be inserted at an angle of 45 degrees is not deeper than 2/3 of the length.

Step 5:

After the procedure, remove the syringe and push to the place of injection cotton soaked in alcohol.

Step 6:

The course of treatment consists of 30-35 injections. But for the duration indications may be reduced or, conversely, is increased.