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Boot days or "cheating"

Cheating - is the complete opposite of unloading days. The planned breakdown will not only speed up the metabolism, but also a lot easier to transfer any diet!

Boot days or

Invented many different diets and weight loss techniques that guarantee almost perfect result. Getting to the choice of weight loss system, a person lost to an abundance of options, efficient and frankly dangerous. A more prudent people prefer to count calories, catering to twelve or fasting days, but impatient dieters choose rigid diets, such as AD, ABC, or even hunger. In their desire to lose weight, many believe that the long-term hunger strike or reduce calories to dangerous low will help them most to reduce the volume and let's get into the store prismotrennye jeans. In fact, what diet you choose, after a while it will simply cease to operate. When your body feels that it overtook a hard time reducing calories, it just adjust to the low-power mode. In other words, your metabolism, as well as weight loss process will slow down significantly. So how do you avoid that all efforts remained in vain? Surely all slimming at least once heard about fasting days on yogurt or fruit. And what about the days of boot? The boot time or "cheating" helps not only lose weight, but also to avoid disruption to the diet. So, cheating (from English «cheating» -. Cheat, cheat) - a kind of planned disruption. Cheating allows one day a week to eat something alluring and the forbidden, and do not grow stout, and moreover, even accelerate the process of dropping weight. However, if you want to benefit, it is not necessary to hope that on this day, you can afford a couple of packets of crisps. At cheating, as well as any other method of weight loss, there are certain rules. 1) Of course, cheating is allowed to have everything, including a high-calorie treats, but the best solution is to choose vegetables, cereals, nuts or any other products that allow to satisfy your hunger for a long time. 2) possibly prolong Cheating if that is necessary. He usually grabs 1-2 days, but with a strong desire and it can be extended up to 3-4 days, of course, making sure that the load is not turned into a stall. The less time "hanging ice dams", the more goodies are allowed to eat, and in a few days, "loading" should resemble, rather, proper nutrition. 3) Sense of action. It is not necessary to fill his belly to the full, thinking that for one meal you need to consume as much food as possible. On the contrary, there is often preferable, but in small portions. Overeating, you threaten to undermine the "no" merit diet - reduction of the stomach, or worse, earn bulimia. 4) The best "boot." As stated in the first paragraph - no restrictions. Then, we define what is preferable from all that exists. When choosing products for cheating, make sure that they were as little fat and more protein and slow carbohydrates. 5) More water! Like any other day, you should monitor the amount of fluid intake - it should be no less then 2 liters. Tea, coffee and soft drinks - it's not the water. Remember that glass of cold water will help to cheer up and speed up the metabolism, and the heat will help relieve hunger. As is clear, the purpose in the boot of the day is to accelerate the metabolism of said body and that there is no need to cut down power consumption. For another cheating definite plus is the fact that it has great use of your willpower. Each stall is not scheduled on sweets give you not only the "gain", but also a sense of guilt for the fact that all efforts were in vain, and each day of the diet is spent in vain. Therefore, in any case, do not reproach yourself for having eaten a sandwich, just you today "boot day '! If the date falls on a memorable day of the diet, it is not necessary to deny yourself in a little joy - sweets. Take advantage of your legal right to chitting and remove the benefit of every moment! Love yourself, and remember that there are lighter moves on the way to the ideal figure.