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Djufaston during pregnancy

During pregnancy, many women assigned hormonal drug Duphaston. It includes an artificial progesterone, which is needed to preserve the uterus fetal eggs.

Djufaston during pregnancy Lack of progesterone can have a negative impact on the carrying of a pregnancy, so the preceding habitual miscarriage or non-viable pregnancies reception duphaston required. Often, doctors prescribe local antenatal clinics during pregnancy Duphaston without sufficient evidence. All cases of miscarriage and infertility should not be attributed to the lack of progesterone, so you need a blood test for hormones prior to use of the drug. Many clinicians (especially European ones) against the use of duphaston during pregnancy, since the medicine has not passed a sufficient number of clinical trials, not all of the risks of their use studied sufficiently. Typically, in the presence of pregnancy Djufaston indications assigned in a dosage of 20 mg per day (one tablet 2 times a day). Cancel the drug should not be sharp, so the elimination of the threat of miscarriage reception duphaston phased out. Most often, doctors recommend doing it to 16-20 weeks of pregnancy. You can find two kinds of reviews about djufaston during pregnancy. About a third of women who take the drug, certain that he helped them to maintain a pregnancy. The other thirty percent say that they Djufaston was appointed only on the results of the survey (no analysis on hormones), and therefore does not believe in the effectiveness of the drug. There are some pregnant women who were not taking prescribed medicines, while the fruit was able to make. There are also reviews that Djufaston not help save the pregnancy.