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Everything about the cleaning of the face

So it is strange that only girls from Russia paid its attention primarily decorative cosmetics, and only then have facials. In vain. Proper care helps protect the skin from rashes, scaling, clogging the pores and many other equally terrible problems. Escape from it you will face cleaning.

Everything about the cleaning of the face

What happens is this is the cleaning?

The most popular cleaning person - it is handmade. It is not recommended to spend at home on their own, but many still neglect this rule. What is the manual cleaning is? Before starting the skin thoroughly steamed, the pores open and were easily exposed. Thereafter beautician manually squeezes black dots, thereby cleaning the skin. Next, the skin is held disinfection and it is applied to the mask, which helps narrow pores. Worth to note that this procedure is effective, but very painful.

Mechanical cleaning is very similar to manual. Immediately before the procedure specialist puts on the skin warming up special mask. Shoe been going on with a special spoon. The duration of the procedure is approximately 2 hours.

Brossazh - is to remove old skin cells with different brushes and peeling. The procedure is quick, maximum 15 minutes This type of cleaning is contraindicated in those with thin, allergenic and highly sensitive facial skin.

From the old skin particles can be removed by using chemical peels. On the face you will apply the solution of special acid, after which your skin can be compared to a baby's skin. It is noteworthy that this type of peel available to many, because prices for it are available.

If you are "happy" owner of oily skin, then you perfect ultrasonic cleaning person. The skin is cleansed with special sound vibrations. The result, which no doubt you will be pleased to continue for a long time. By the way, if you have any skin problems, then this method you can not use.

For women with sensitive skin may best suit vacuum cleaning person. Quite gentle, but quite productive procedure. Old and dirty cells point will be removed using a special vacuum. The duration of the cleaning will not take you more than 20 minutes.

Any salon facial cleansing is carried out before the weekend, because after it is not necessary to apply makeup couple of days, but you really want to do it, because facial skin is an unnatural reddish.

As the home to conduct cleaning of the face?

The easiest and cheapest way - a cosmetic clay, which can be bought at any pharmacy. For oily skin, choose a green, white and blue clay. If you have dry skin, you need to buy the red clay. Black clay is suitable for any skin type. This product must be diluted with water (preferably mineral). The consistency of your mask should resemble a watery porridge. Keep this mask 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water and applied moisturizer.

Remember that no powder or concealer can give you the same effect as regular cleaning of the face.