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How do I get the pancreas

Pancreas supplier is necessary for the human body hormones such as insulin and glycogen. And also produces digestive enzymes to ensure proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. That is why it is so important to achieve its smooth operation.

How do I get the pancreas

Instruction how to make the pancreas work

Step 1:

In order to achieve the proper functioning of the pancreas, you need to change habits. Remember that one of the most significant factors in the malfunction of the endocrine glands is to consume excessive amounts of alcohol. Minimize the presence of alcohol in the diet. Alcohol - toxin, which causes destruction of the blood vessels supplying nutrients to the pancreas. And this, in turn, affects pankreotsiny - its cells.

Step 2:

Change your diet and. At irregular meal begins violation of insulin. Therefore, observe the daily routine. You should eat about the same time 4-5 times throughout the day. The intervals between meals should be the same.

Step 3:

Limit consumption of animal fats. They are a large number of causes iron to increase the pace of work. Because of this, it stands out too much enzymes and impaired outflow thickened digestive juice. This is, again, to disease pancreatitis or pancreatic autodigestion. Remember that there is no food excessively harmful or helpful. If you are faced with a violation of this body, the most important thing for you - to exercise moderation in all things. This applies not only to animal fats, and carbohydrates.

Step 4:

There are many medications can help normalize the function of the pancreas. As a rule, it is prescribed pancreatin inflammation, with simultaneous application of omeprazole, pantoprazole, esomeprazole, lansoprazole. Sometimes removing the inflammatory effect of additional spending on drink paracetamol.

Step 5:

Use the recipes of traditional medicine. Prepare a mixture of chopped in a coffee grinder buckwheat and kefir. A tablespoon of buckwheat pour yogurt powder, in an amount of one glass. Do this before going to bed and leave the mixture overnight. Eat in the morning instead of breakfast.

Step 6:

Peppermint leaves, fennel seeds, root elecampane, St. John's wort grass cudweed and coriander, mix in equal amounts. A tablespoon collection brew in a glass of boiling water. Insist hour. Take 4-5 times during the day for half a cup.