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How do I prevent tooth decay at home

To maintain dental health is important to pay special attention to the prevention of caries. The complex of these measures will help to forget about caries or stop the development of unpleasant infection. Today, patients can choose between professional prevention of oral diseases and home.

How do I prevent tooth decay at home

Professional ftoridprofilaktika caries is to cover the tooth enamel ftorlakom, deep fluoridation. But to the effect of the treatments it was evident perform applications in the dentist's office have regularly. The same rule applies to professional oral hygiene. Cleaning helps to get rid of tartar, plaque, provoking not only tooth decay but also gum disease. 

The cost of a professional deep fluoridation in Russia on average 500 rubles. 1 tooth. To strengthen the enamel can be used and simple processing ftorlakom, the price of which in Moscow clinics start at 30 rubles. for a tooth. Given that the measures for remineralization of teeth, dental cleaning should not be a one-off, caries prevention - an expensive pleasure. Repeat ftoridprofilaktiku recommended 2-3 times a year. Standard rate of normal fluorination - 2-4 sessions.

For visits to the dentist does not become a burden to your budget, it is necessary to invest time and effort to conduct home caries prevention. With the right approach, it will be an affordable alternative to deep fluoridation, dental cleaning. Household ways to protect teeth from caries can help save money and time.

How to identify problems?

Not always caries or tartar, provoking inflammation of the gum tissue, it can be seen with the naked eye. Self-diagnose diseases of the mouth will be able to only in cases when it comes to the latter stages of caries development. It is much easier to determine the house soft plaque and tartar. The deposits will be visible when using dental floss in the interdental spaces, where the accumulated stone.

At home, the presence of the stone is checked using an iodine solution. To do this, dipped in iodine cotton swab rubbed enamel closer to the edge of the gums. The difference in tooth color in the presence of tartar will be obvious.

Symptoms in caries more - pain by eating salty, sour, spicy foods, negative feelings to thermal stimuli. For example, hot tea or a cold drink. At home, the cavities can be seen by the bad breath. The sharp and jagged edges of cavities can be felt after spending his tongue over the enamel. Also it is necessary to diagnose with the help of mirrors - the presence of caries says darkening under a layer of enamel.

Prevention of tooth decay at home

Prevent tooth decay independently under the force of each patient. Consumer methods to stop the disease or do not feel its symptoms, there are many. All of them do not require the use of expensive drugs, serious energy consumption. And most importantly, quality home prevention of dental caries is a guarantee of caries in 95% of cases. The rules are simple care:

• Competent dental cleaning. Do not be lazy to brush their teeth twice a day using dental floss. Get rid of soft plaque will help special rinses. Clean bacteria is important not only teeth, but also language;

• Use fluoride toothpastes. Anticaries effect of fluoride toothpaste compounds proved, these products enhance enamel resistance to unfavorable factors. Applied fluorides inhibit the development of microflora of soft plaque, all active components are special pastes during enamel maturation. The use of fluoride toothpastes reduce the incidence at 25-70%. According to statistics, today about 500 million people in the world are used for the daily care protivokarioznye paste;

• High-quality toothbrush. Conventional toothbrushes with bristles of medium or maximum rigidity will not be saved from decay, if you have problems with the gums or other oral diseases. The most effective one for brushing teeth to prevent tooth decay today recognized ultrasonic toothbrush. They are well cleaned the mouth of plaque, destroying harmful microorganisms;

• Proper nutrition. Warn and "neutralize" caries succeed, reviewing their dietary habits. After all, the main enemy of healthy teeth are sugar acids, the number of which in the diet is important to reduce. Avoid excessive consumption of sweets, sugary fizzy drinks, fruit juices, desserts. Postprandial pathogens will win chewing gum with xylitol;

• Home fluoridation of teeth. Safe and inexpensive way to prevent caries is the use of mouth guards filled with a fluorine-containing agent. Mouthguards are made individually, by removing the molds. This home fluoridation - good solution for sensitive teeth or susceptibility to caries. The procedure should be carried out courses for 10-15 sessions.