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How quickly cure a scabies

Scabies - a dermatologic disease, which is caused by scabies. Infestation with scabies happens by household and sexual contact. Fast cure scabies can be both traditional medicines and folk remedies.

How quickly cure a scabies

You will need:

- natural kvass; - Salt; - Sulfur; - laundry soap; - Clarified butter; - Birch tar; - Bay leaf; - butter; - Lavender essence; - Tomatoes; - vegetable oil; - Water; - Bran; - "Sulfuric ointment", "Spregal" "Benzyl" or other antiscabious drug.

Instruction how to quickly cure a scabies

Step 1:

If scabies amazed hands, dip them in warmed brew (the temperature should be a maximum, which you can keep your hands), but first rub the affected area with salt. Keep your hands for as long as you can. The procedure is repeated several times a day.

Step 2:

Prepare the cream. To do this, mix a tablespoon of grated soap and ghee, two table spoons of sulfur and a teaspoon of fresh birch tar. Leave a homemade ointment to stand, and then put it on the washed and dried after the part of the body afflicted with scabies (three days of illness will be over).

Step 3:

In the treatment of scabies will be effective the following means: Mix softened butter with bay leaves (you will need 5-7 leaves) and mash until smooth. Apply the pulp to the affected area and leave for a few hours.

Step 4:

For the treatment of scabies, use lavender essence. Rub the skin and this means two days, do not take water treatments. On the third day take a bath and repeat the procedure.

Step 5:

Another effective folk remedy - a mixture of two parts of the tomato and vegetable oil. Simmer tomatoes in oil for about a quarter of an hour, and after cooling, lubricate it with oil scabies affected places. The procedure is done twice a day, a week but this place can not be washed.

Step 6:

A positive result in the treatment of scabies at home gives pure birch tar. Apply this "drug" the affected area and leave for a few hours, then rinse with water, unheated tar bran.