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How quickly cure a scratch

Scratches are microtraumas. However, their healing depends on many factors - how deep the wound is not entered whether the infection, whether properly provided first aid, how to effectively cope with the damage to the immune system of the victim and others.

How quickly cure a scratch

You will need:

- hydrogen peroxide 3% -owned; - Wound covering based on collagen-chitosan complex; - "Gelevin"; - "Diovin"; - "Anilodiotevin"; - "Anilovin"; - "Rescuer"; - "Panthenol"; - Comfrey ointment; - sea buckthorn oil; - Calendula oil or St. John's wort; - fir oil; - Glue "BF-6"; - Glue "Super Glu"; - Plantain; - Beet leaf.

Instruction how to quickly cure a scratch

Step 1:

The first thing to do after getting scratched - is to treat it with 3% hydrogen peroxide and stop the blood, clutching the wound with a bandage or clean cloth for a few minutes. If blood continues to trickle out, soak the cloth in hot water 60-70 ° C and apply to the wound for 1-2 minutes.

Step 2:

If your kit is replenished with the novelties of dressings, use them. Although not recommended ligate scratches, but the application of wound covering based on collagen-chitosan complex providing antimicrobial and analgesic effect, eliminates the danger of infection in the wound has the effect of not sticking to prisyhaniya-bleeding wound.

Step 3:

Sorbents "Gelevin", "Diovin", "Anilodiotevin", "Anilovin", also referred to as novelties dressings help to safely handle any bleeding scratches, preventing suppuration. The wound treated with the powder of these funds, "breathes" and very quickly heals. Recommended for the treatment of even small children.

Step 4:

If you have not got new dressings, use conventional means used for the rapid restoration of damaged tissues that have anti-microbial properties - "rescuer", "panthenol", comfrey ointment, sea buckthorn oil, calendula oil or St. John's wort, pine oil.

Step 5:

The outdoorsy summer conditions also encouraged to bring any medicine for first aid for wounds. Especially in field conditions it is useful to have an adhesive for external use "BF-6", "Super Glu" and others.

Step 6:

But if there are no medical facilities were not prepared in advance, use herbs. Do not forget that they grow out of the ground and can be a source of tetanus. Any medicinal raw materials before use should be washed under running water, rinse and dry boiling.

Step 7:

To quickly apply a tightening of scratches on her mashed plantain leaf and secure with a bandage for 3-4 hours.

Step 8:

Also effectively helps attachment scratch-beet leaf, which should fix the bruise and bandage.