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How quickly cure a sore throat

Pharyngitis is an illness - the main feature of which is the inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa. The emergence and development of the disease may contribute to a number of factors: the inhalation of cold air, smoke, industrial and household dust containing the bacteria. Pharyngitis is an acute or chronic.

How quickly cure a sore throat

You will need:

- herbal teas; - Extracts from the leaves; - Cabbage juice; - Compote, jelly, tea with lemon; - Mukolitcheskie drugs.

Instruction how to quickly cure a sore throat

Step 1:

For the treatment of pharyngitis have long used tools such as decoctions of calendula, chamomile, eucalyptus, sage. They should gargle several times a day. Infusion Prepare as follows: a small amount of dried herb (about 10 g) pour a glass of boiling water, soak, covered 15 - 20 minutes, then strain it, let cool to a temperature approximately equal to 40 degrees. The resulting broth can be used.

Step 2:

It is also useful extracts from the leaves and fruits of some wild berries, such as blackberries and blueberries. Moreover, they can be used as a rinse and as a drink.

Step 3:

Good help for sore throat cabbage juice. It can also use the rinse in a slightly warmed (about 40 degrees temperature).

Step 4:

Drink at least one and a half - two liters of fluid a day, giving preference to drinks containing vitamin C. It is, for example, tea with lemon juice or lime juice, fruit drinks, jelly, fruit drinks.

Step 5:

In the case of acute pharyngitis to facilitate sputum discharge, it is desirable to take mucolytic drugs: "Acetylcysteine" (ACC), "Bromhexine", "Ambroxol" etc.

Step 6:

At the time of treatment should abandon too hot or, conversely, cold food and drinks of the same. It is necessary to exclude from the diet of sharp, pickled, too sour and savory. Food should be warm, not a rough texture, so as not to irritate or injure the inflamed mucosa of the pharynx.

Step 7:

Of course, it is necessary to completely eliminate smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. If the patient - the smoker with the experience, and it is very difficult to do without tobacco, should reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day to a minimum.