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How quickly cure nails

If in the folds between the toes, and exfoliate the skin reddens and nails are deformed and crumble, most likely, we are talking about nail fungus. Quickly deal with the infection will help folk remedies. Resorting to traditional medicine, remember that the treatment will be most effective in the systematic implementation of the recommendations.

How quickly cure nails

You will need:

- ammonia; - Water; - tea mushroom; - Iodine; - Egg; - Dimethyl; - vegetable oil; - propolis tincture; - Vinegar.

Instruction how fast cure nails

Step 1:

Disinfect the apartment, especially the surface of the floor. To do this, mix equal parts bleach and ordinary scouring powder. One part of the mixture take 5 parts of water and the resulting solution rinse all surfaces.

Step 2:

Buy new socks: about 6 pairs for the period of treatment, and in addition - to be worn after treatment. Footwear treat the vinegar solution and a day put in a plastic bag, seal it tightly. From wearing tight shoes give up at all.

Step 3:

Quickly and efficiently deal with nail fungus helps ammonia. Dissolve a half tablespoons of alcohol in a glass of water. Dampen a solution otrez natural fabric such as cotton. Wrap it affected leg on top of the foot put on the cellophane, then - socks. Hold as a few hours or leave overnight. This method will get rid of athlete's foot in 5-10 days.

Step 4:

Within one week to cure nails can blend with the addition of dimethyl phthalate. Thoroughly mix between a spoon of vegetable oil, a raw egg, a spoonful of 70% vinegar and 20 ml of dimethyl phthalate, which is available in pharmacies in bottles of the corresponding volume. Every day, rub the ointment obtained in the affected areas. To be most effective leg wrap with cellophane and on top put on a sock. Store the mixture in a cool dark place.

Step 5:

Superimposed on the affected nails cotton swabs soaked in 20% propolis tincture. The infected nail will depart, and in its place begins to grow a healthy plate.

Step 6:

Every day, better twice a day, put on sick nails on the drop of iodine. If the pain and burning sensation, which appeared after some time, effort and will seem unbearable, apply a drop less.

Step 7:

Use for the treatment of nail fungus tea. Otschipnite from him a little piece, remove the tape and rub her fingers. Rub the pulp to the affected areas 2-3 times a day. Each time, use a piece of fresh mushroom.