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How quickly sober from alcohol

Alcohol intoxication is quite usual phenomenon in modern society. If you have visited in the evening in a noisy and cheerful company, where drinking alcohol, then you will come in handy a few quick ways to sobriety from alcohol.

How quickly sober from alcohol

Many people who attended the celebrations, dreaming about how to quickly become sober from alcohol. In some situations, when the amount of drunk alcohol is too high, a similar dream best forgotten. Otherwise, there are three methods for rapid sobering.

For the first method will need 500 ml of warm water, and some salt 1 teaspoon soda. All components must be mixed together. Please be aware that the water is best to use boiled. After drinking the solution, it is possible emetic response, which is quite normal. Likewise, the body can not tolerate intoxication and cleanse the stomach.

You can also use strong tea with lemon or black salted freshly brewed coffee. In the former case can be replaced lemon ginger and honey. But we should not combine tea reception with the consumption of sweets, biscuits and any other sweets, as they speed up the process of absorption of alcohol stomach.  

To quickly sober from alcohol for a long time, it should excite the nervous system. This is most easily done with the cold. Best suited utiranie snow shower rinse or ice water. But it is important to remember the safety precautions, as there is a risk of the disease.