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How to achieve a regular chair

The human body is polluted both outside and inside. From the outside it is very easy to get rid of pollution. It is much harder to remove toxins that are found in the body. Regular chair helps to solve most of the problems. All the harmful substances simply excreted. But this is only the case when the bowel movement occurs at least once in two days.

How to achieve a regular chair

You will need:

- comfortable toilet; - Products having purgative; - Bran; - mineral water; - Seaweed; - Enema; - Laxatives.

Instruction how to achieve regular chair

Step 1:

Create comfort in the bathroom. Buy soft toilet seat, stick to the walls, new wallpapers, before stool, use a deodorant with a pleasant smell. Find a time when no one will be in the apartment. Constipation can occur due to the fact that you are uncomfortable or embarrassed to go to the toilet. Those. difficulty does not occur in the intestines and in the head. And deal with it need not laxatives. Make yourself comfortable 'thoughtfulness Area ", and the problem can fall off by itself.

Step 2:

Avoid products that have the effect of fixing. This includes pastries, white bread, minced meat, alcohol, coffee, chocolate, rice, eggs. If there are no contraindications for a time become a vegetarian. Once the problem is solved by introducing into the diet of small portions of meat.

Step 3:

Eat foods that have a mild laxative effect. This rye bread with bran, cabbage, beets, spinach, grapes, beans, prunes, pumpkin, dates, figs, butter and vegetable oil. Daily consume yogurt, mare or kvass. They can be drunk at any time and in any quantity.

Step 4:

Eat bran. If the diet for 2-3 weeks has not brought results, every day, eat 3 tablespoons of bran daily. Over time, their number can be reduced to 3-4 tablespoons. Bran can be added to ready-made meals or eat them before eating. The result will be the same.

Step 5:

Drink a glass of mineral water on an empty stomach. And in the evening, eat two tablespoons seaweed. These are simple actions help in most cases completely solve the problem of constipation.

Step 6:

Spend bowel clean with enemas. But do not use it too often, it is addictive. Ideal - to do a cleansing enema once a month. With the same frequency can be used laxatives.

Step 7:

Complete examination by a doctor. Constipation can be caused by diseases of internal organs.