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How to bring the boil

Furuncle, or boil, is a consequence of purulent necrotic process in the follicle hair and surrounding tissues. The reason boils is staphylococcus germ. Development chirya begins with pain in a limited area of ​​the skin, then this place begins redness and pain increase, and the seal takes the form of a dark red node with festering head. At autopsy chirya out pus and necrotic core. Multiple occurrence of boils called boils, caused by reduced resistance to staphylococcus.

How to bring the boil

You will need:

- Acorus Calamus; - dog-rose fruit; - Herb St. John's wort; - Elecampane root; - Rhodiola rosea root; - liquorice root; - bulb onions; - Pink potatoes; - Egg; - Lemon; - vegetable oil; - Copper sulphate; - hydrogen peroxide.

Instruction how to bring the boil

Step 1:

For oral administration, prepare the next collection. Take 4 parts of the roots of calamus and rosehip 3 parts herb St. John's wort, and 2 parts of elecampane and Rhodiola root, 1 part of licorice root, all components of the chop and mix. 1 tablespoon collection pour a glass of therapeutic boiling water and leave for an hour. Strain and drink in the form of heat for 1 glass 3 times a day after meals. Collection has a strong anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and tonic effect.

Step 2:

Onions is recommended to use the appearance of boils inside raw and apply as a compress. Liver onion chop and mix with the shaving soap (1: 1). Put on a linen napkin and apply this mixture to the chiryu, fixing plaster. 2 times a day, replace a new wrap.

Step 3:

It is a powerful tool against boils is the following composition. Take 100 grams of grated pink potatoes, one egg yolk fresh egg chickens, juice of one lemon, a tablespoon of vegetable oil and copper sulfate on the tip of a knife. All components mix thoroughly and apply on the boil for half an hour. Then remove the compress and treat the boil with hydrogen peroxide. The procedure is performed twice daily.