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How to choose a weight loss program

For dieters struggle with excess weight often turns into a life purpose. All sorts of diets, supplements, hard exercise is not always bear fruit and produce short-term results: dumped kgs come back, and sometimes in excess. Therefore, in order to lose weight and keep in shape, you need to choose the right program.

How to choose a weight loss program

Instruction how to choose a weight loss program

Step 1:

First of all, consult with an endocrinologist and pass a medical examination to determine the cause of excess weight. Hand over a blood test for sugar, cholesterol, hemoglobin, measure blood pressure. Your doctor can advise what diet you can load and use, and which are best avoided.

Step 2:

Choosing a program for weight loss, remember that short-term diet to help lose weight in a matter of weeks, but it occurs due to a decrease in muscle mass, so the lost weight back just as quickly as it went. Moreover, they can cause exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Step 3:

The optimal weight loss program is designed for the long term, as aims to create a new lifestyle and eating habits, not to gain weight in the future. Good technique typically involves drawing up a nutritional plan without drastic changes usual diet and the development of a complex exercise.

Step 4:

Proper weight loss program generates new eating habits and lifestyle: diet combined with physical activity, high-calorie foods are replaced with low-calorie. At the same time the method does not provide a sharp reduction in calories, so as not to stress the organism.

Step 5:

Note that if the program needs to take supplements or herbal teas. Supplements are not serious clinical studies, so their efficiency and safety can not be guaranteed. Action teas for weight loss based on the withdrawal of fluid from the body, which may adversely affect blood pressure. If you decide to lose weight with the use of dietary supplements, discuss it with your doctor.

Step 6:

Find out whether the developer of weight loss program licenses, patents, certificates, and most importantly - medical education. Ask how many people have used the method proposed and successfully lost weight with it, and noted there any side effects of its application.