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How to control your weight

The presence of excess weight not only reduces the quality of life, self-esteem, increases the risk of failure in the field of personal and career - extra weight deprive you of health. Daily, thorough and regular weight control helps preserve youth, health and beauty.

How to control your weight

Instruction how to control your weight

Step 1:

Calculate your ideal weight. BMI is calculated as the ratio of weight in kilograms to human growth, multiplied by two. Compare your rate with the regulatory table, and you determine whether you have excess weight. Try to always keep an eye on the weight, allowing small variations in the range of permitted values.

Step 2:

If you try to limit myself to nutrition during the week and on weekends sharply "boot", allowing yourself to junk food in large quantities, then your weight will increase. Try not to deprive yourself of sweets food, but do it not only on holidays and weekends - can be in the middle of the week to afford a piece of cake, but very small. On the weekend schedule conducting fasting days - this is a great tool for weight control.

Step 3:

Stimulate yourself beautiful smaller clothes, get rid of what you became too great.

Step 4:

Eat properly - not in front of a TV or computer, and for beautifully laid table, in good company. Coming up from the table, you should feel a slight feeling of hunger. After the main meal and take a break before dessert - remove from the table, wash the dishes, distracted. Perhaps you did forget about dessert or feel enough saturation. Eat small meals but often. Take adopted principles of nutrition and diet of the inhabitants of the countries where the least fat people - try Eastern, Japanese, Chinese cuisine.

Step 5:

Change your relationship with food - think of it as a means of life support, not as a perpetual source of pleasure.

Step 6:

Use dessert plates. If you are unable to eat smaller portions, simply change your dishes - dessert plates may be used as a measure of the desired amount of food at one time.

Step 7:

Eliminate from your diet gradually harmful products - candy first, then rolls, cakes, sugar, etc. Replace sugar with honey, dried fruits, fruits, etc.

Step 8:

Eat more fruits and vegetables - they cause a feeling of fullness in the stomach and helps bowel function.