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How to cure a cough folk remedies

Cough is the most common symptom of acute respiratory disease, SARS, influenza. It is a protective response of the body, through which are removed from the airway bacteria, dust particles, foreign particles, and the bronchial mucus. If you have this symptom should see a doctor, so he found the cause and appropriate treatment. If you treat a respiratory disease at the very beginning of its origin, it is possible to cope with home remedies.

How to cure a cough folk remedies

Instruction how to cure cough folk remedies

Step 1:

When coughing is important to the patient's diet. In order not to overload your body with additional loads, eat less solid food, eliminate from the diet spicy dishes. It should also eliminate cold food and drinks. Include in your diet mashed potatoes, liquid oat porridge with milk, seasoned butter. Eat more fruit, to compensate for the lack of vitamins in the body and improve your immunity.

Step 2:

If you feel discomfort in the throat is inflamed and it is useful to several times a day to drink warm milk, cream, tea with butter. The simplest remedy is hot milk with honey and pieces of butter. Thanks to this method, even a strong cough can be cured. To get rid of phlegm, mix sugar syrup or honey to cranberry juice and take 1 tbsp several times a day.

Step 3:

During his illness, do not use coffee, it is better to replace it with a barley drink. To make it brew barley, oats, rye, chicory and 2 g of bitter almonds, add to taste baked milk. Drink this drink like a normal coffee. Instead of tea useful to drink a decoction of field strawberries.

Step 4:

Grate radishes and mix with honey and season with sour cream and butter. It is also useful to have a lemon, missed with zest through a meat grinder, and then mixed with honey. Or treat yourself to a popular Brazilian way of treating cough: ripe bananas, passed through a sieve, put in a pan with hot water, heat this mixture and drink. The ratio should be 2 to banana 1 cup water with sugar.

Step 5:

1 large head of onions cut into small pieces, add 2 tbsp Sahara. Let it brew for the night and in the morning it is a remedy is ready. Eating it is necessary throughout the day. The juice that is produced from this mixture, be sure to have a drink. After several treatments this means coughing pass.

Step 6:

Boil 2 onions 1 cup of milk. Give the resulting liquid to infuse for 4 hours and strain. Drink this remedy should be every 3 hours 1 tbsp There is a similar recipe: Boil milk 1 head of garlic and 10 heads of onions until they soften, then add the honey and mint infusion or juice. This means you need to take with prolonged dry cough every hour 1 tablespoon

Step 7:

If you are greatly concerned about the cough before going to bed, drink warm milk poppy. To make it, take 2 tablespoons poppy-top, moisten with hot water, chop his mortar, then pour 1 cup boiling water and let it brew. After some time, strain - and poppy milk ready.

Step 8:

Get rid of dry cough helps burnt sugar. Take two tablespoons, one of them inside the grease with butter and place in a dish with a small amount of cold water. The second spoon of sugar without the top hold over the fire, until the mixture will turn amber. Then pour the contents into a greased spoon. Frozen, this mass turns into caramel. Turn the spoon down and not much tap it on the table edge to separate frozen caramel from it. The resulting candy should be kept in the mouth until completely dissolved.