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How to cure a mycoplasmosis

Mycoplasma is the causative agent of mycoplasmosis. In the world known for more than forty different species of mycoplasmas, some of which pose a danger to humans. They may cause the development of inflammation of the urogenital tract, pathology of pregnancy, female infertility.

How to cure a mycoplasmosis

Instruction how to cure a mycoplasmosis

Step 1:

When the disease mycoplasmosis treatment should be aimed not only at eliminating pathogens, but also the stimulation of the immune response. Moreover, for complex treatment of mycoplasma are various groups of drugs.

Step 2:

The best choice of drugs for the treatment of mycoplasmosis are antibiotics. The most effective impact on the mycoplasma "erythromycin" and "tetracycline". As a rule, therapy lasts up to two weeks.

Step 3:

Women with mycoplasma infection is recommended to additionally apply a vaginal antibiotic pills and vaginal baths. In turn, men need to use instillation (drip drug solution), and suppositories.

Step 4:

It is necessary to strengthen the immune system. For this drink immunomodulators. Frequently used: "Immunomax". "Methyluracilum". "timalin". "T-activin". "Galavit". In addition, apply natural immunocorrectors - Eleutherococcus extract, aloe and ginseng products.

Step 5:

Symptomatic therapy. non-steroidal agent is used to relieve inflammation - "kanefron". "Phytolysinum". "Proline".

Step 6:

If any pathology of urinary system requires vitamin. Recommended intake of drugs such as "Pyridoxine". "thiamin". "Folic acid"As well as magnesium and zinc minerals.

Step 7:

There are also popular ways to help cure a mycoplasmosis. Take 2 tablespoons of goldenrod and fill it with two cups of boiling water. The resulting mixture infuse for at least 30-40 minutes in a thermos. After that the present formulation of the drink half a glass of not less than 4 times a day. The course of treatment is three weeks.

Step 8:

Helps garlic. Every day, eat 3-4 cloves of garlic. You can make a paste out of it: grind in a blender 100-150 grams of garlic and add the same amount of vegetable oil, 1-2 teaspoons of salt and one tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar 6 percent. Then the whole mixture, whisk blender. Should get a paste, the consistency resembles thick cream, which can be added to salads instead of mayonnaise or sour cream, smeared on bread.