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How to cure a viral infection

Viral infections today are perhaps the most common diseases. According to statistics, every second person suffers a viral disease annually. However, each disease requires special treatment, special medicines. By the way, viruses - a non-cellular form of life, so treat them with antibiotics is meaningless, only need to purchase antiviral drugs.

How to cure a viral infection

Instruction how to cure a viral infection

Step 1:

These antiviral medications can include multiple groups. The first is all interferons (IFNs and inductors), for example, "tSikloferon". "gossypol". "Interferon-a2" and others. All of them belong to the biologically active substances that stimulate the body to protect cells against viruses and infections. So this group of drugs is used, and very successfully in the treatment of chronic viral infections (such as hepatitis B).

Step 2:

We now turn to the second group. It includes abnormal nucleosides (ie, "vidarabine". "acyclovir". "valacyclovir" and so on). They are able to disrupt the synthesis of nucleic acids from viruses, because they prevent an increase in viral particles. Generally, this group of drugs used to combat herpes, Epstein-Barr virus, as well as cytomegalovirus infection.

Step 3:

The third group of drugs includes adamantane derivatives (such as "Amantadine" or "rimantadine"). The essence of action is inhibition of viral particles of the life cycle at different stages. Often, these drugs are used in influenza and parainfluenza (as in the treatment and in the prophylaxis).

Step 4:

Speaking of prevention: its main method is the active immunization, or rather vaccination. Its procedure involves entering the body of the particles of the infectious agent (ie pathogen). Diseases of the virus contained in the vaccine can not cause, but it stimulates the body to produce antibodies. Because of this disease can be prevented rather than curing it. On vaccination, by the way, care should be taken in advance, because the process of production of antibodies can be quite long.

Step 5:

So, back to the list of groups of antiviral drugs. The last of these groups includes drugs such as "Tebrofen". "oxoline". "bonafton". Each of them is used for both local and systemic treatment of various viral diseases of the skin and internal organs.