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How to cure dry seborrhea

Seborrhea - a skin disease, which is accompanied by disorders of the sebaceous glands and the change in the chemical composition of the secretions of these glands. When dry seborrhea there is insufficient sebum. This disease most commonly affects the hairy parts of the body, including the head. As the disease the skin becomes dry, there is dandruff and hair loss begins.

How to cure dry seborrhea

You will need:

- Sulfuric ointment; - boric acid.

Instruction how to cure dry seborrhea

Step 1:

To begin reconsider your diet, because it is very important not only for the rapid treatment of this disease, but also for the state of the whole organism. When dry seborrhea try to use as much as possible eggs, dairy products, and various fruits and vegetables. They are particularly useful beets, cabbage and porridge. Limit the amount of consumed spicy, fried and fatty foods, canned foods and spices.

Step 2:

Take proper care of hair. Use shampoos, masks and other cosmetic products, which are based on herbal extract. Most of these products you can buy at the pharmacy.

Step 3:

Remember, too, that seborrhea is very often the result of vitamin deficiency of the whole organism. Take the full course of vitamin complexes, which must contain the B vitamins, as well as A, E and D. It is advisable to take medications as zinc and sulfur, which will allow your body to cope with the disease.

Step 4:

Be sure to seek medical help. To date, for the treatment of dry seborrhea used a variety of methods, including massages, herbal methods, cryotherapy, mesotherapy, and treatment with ultraviolet irradiation. For more complex cases, the doctor may prescribe and hormonal drugs.

Step 5:

Very useful is also the sulfuric ointment. The treatment of this ointment is 8 days. The procedure is performed every day. Divide the hair on the head by a comb and rub ointment into partings at least five minutes. On the ninth day, do not do anything, and on the tenth - wash your hair.

Step 6:

Use shampoo that contains tar or selenium sulfide. On the eleventh day, prepare a solution of boric acid (2 tsp substance per 150 ml of hot water) and rub it into the scalp wound towel overnight. This procedure is necessary prodelyvat three consecutive days.