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How to cure gingivitis

Gingivitis - an inflammatory process that occurs in the gums and is manifested by edema, erythema (redness) and bleeding as well as pain in the gums. Gingivitis occurs due to non-compliance with the elementary rules of hygiene and oral care. There are acute and chronic gingivitis.

How to cure gingivitis

Instruction how to cure gingivitis

Step 1:

gingivitis treatment should be carried out exclusively by a dentist. The mainstay of treatment - is the removal of dental plaque. First, carefully follow the rules of hygiene and oral care. You must have a balanced and nutritious food that contains the required set of vitamins and minerals.

Step 2:

Quite often prescribed specific drugs, it is necessary not only for the treatment of acute gingivitis, but also to prevent the development of complications. In the treatment of gingivitis used anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, local immunocorrectors.

Step 3:

In some cases, it may require dental procedures: removal of tartar with ultrasound or mechanical method, replacement and resurfacing seals installed poorly or protruding above the gum.

Step 4:

At the first sign of gingivitis immediately contact a specialist clinic, or further surgical microoperation (curettage) may be required in the development process. During this operation, the dentist removes the dental plaque using excavators, special hooks, curettes (closed curettage). In some cases it is necessary to carry out the gum incision and remove dental plaque, ie to use the method of open curettage.

Step 5:

If you have chronic gingivitis, then the mouth must be sure to handle the anti-inflammatory drugs and sodium bicarbonate solution. In case of gingivitis caused by infectious processes, it should first eliminate the cause of the infection. The dentist will prescribe the antibacterial or antifungal drugs.

Step 6:

Most often, gingivitis is caused by decrease in immunity. Therefore, along with anti-inflammatory drugs immunomodulators used in the treatment of gingivitis (immunal, immudon and others). Immunocorrectors activate the defense mechanisms of the oral mucosa, enhance phagocytosis, and increased content of lysozyme in saliva. This enzyme has a strong antibacterial activity, it stimulates the immune system and increases the production of immune cells producing antibodies in the body. The patient is assigned a complex of vitamins with trace elements (gendevit, undevit, peaks), galaskorbin, vitamin C and others.

Step 7:

Applied in the treatment of gingivitis and folk remedies (herbal teas oak bark, sage, chamomile drug). Substances that are part of these drugs have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and astringent effect.

Step 8:

It must be remembered, to prevent the development of gingivitis, to perform quite three basic rules: every 6 months, remove dental plaque in the dental clinic; daily using dental floss and paste it removes the dental plaque; See your dentist regularly.