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How to cure hives

Urticaria is a manifestation of allergic reaction to a stimulus. It is quite true to its name, as a rash on the body resemble nettle burns and accompanied by the same itch. The appearance of blisters and rashes can be sudden and can be as fast and recovery. But sometimes the disease is delayed for weeks or repeated too often, and gives a lot of physical and psychological problems. However, that treatment was successful, it is important to establish and delete cause.

How to cure hives

You will need:

- nettle, hop cones with a string, peppermint, calendula for internal use; - Bog rosemary, pansies bath; - Motherwort or valerian; - Vitamins.

Instruction how to cure hives

Step 1:

Urticaria disappears as suddenly as it appears. Like many allergic diseases, the exact cause of it is quite difficult to establish. However, it is known predisposing factor - a violation of the nervous system, modifying the reactivity of the organism to a stimulus. Thus, it turns out that stress or negative emotions like it can cause allergies to certain foods, chemicals, and even the weather factors, such as wind, dust and sun.

Step 2:

If the rash began to appear frequently, get a food diary. Try self-exclusion method to establish a food allergen. In turn allergens include foods and monitor the body's response to them. These products include fish, eggs, strawberries, strawberries, raspberries, citrus fruits, chocolate, cocoa.

Step 3:

The same method eliminate chemical and physical stimuli - wind, dust, sun, detergents. If you find or suspect any of them exclude it completely. Although may cause allergies and other products in the future or factors.

Step 4:

The rash of urticaria are observed in diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, inflammation of the appendages, as well as worm infestations. Therefore surveyed as possible and pass appropriate treatment, if necessary.

Step 5:

To reduce the emotional excitability strengthens the nervous system. For this perfect water treatment, moderate sun baths, exercise, enough sleep, relaxation, rhythmic breathing. Be sure to take vitamins - winter and early summer.

Step 6:

Regularly arrange fasting and hungry days. Once a week completely abstain from food. This helps the body to purify yourself from harmful substances. Their excessive accumulation increases susceptibility to allergens. With frequent manifestations of urticaria 1 once a year deep cleansing of the intestine, liver, kidneys and lymphatic system.

Step 7:

In addition to medical treatment of hives using traditional medicines, namely herbal medicine. Alternate different recipes available herbs. For example, take a decoction of nettles. To make it, brew 1 tablespoon dried plants (flowers) cup of boiling water, insist in a warm place for about 30 minutes. Take in a strained for half a cup 4-5 times a day. In the same way you can brew with a succession of hop cones, 1 tsp each plant. Eat the infusion hot and desirable for the night at a time. Another recipe: brew 10 grams of marigold flowers (or peppermint) ½ cup of boiling water. After infusion take 1 tbsp 3 times a day.

Step 8:

If urticaria occurs in the summer, maybe its cause is pollen. Coming home, gargle with plain water can be supplemented with motherwort or valerian. Also take a shower.

Step 9:

For topical treatment of urticaria (bath), use pansies or decoction of wild rosemary marsh, 1 liter infusion in the bath.