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How to cure knee injury

One of the most common types of injury is a bruise, and often it occurs in the region of the knee. The main symptoms of damage - pain, swelling and bruising in some cases. If time does not take action, there can be serious complications, to cope with which it will be possible only by surgery. It is important to prevent this and to begin treatment immediately after the injury.

How to cure knee injury

You will need:

- ice; - elastic bandage; - Painkillers; - cottage cheese; - Cabbage leaf; - Anti-inflammatory and warming ointment.

Instruction how to cure knee injury

Step 1:

First aid in injury knee joint is cooling. Wrap the ice in a thick cloth and apply to the injured site. This will reduce the hematoma, eliminate swelling and relieve pain. Keep the cold no longer than 10-15 minutes, more prolonged exposure can lead to joint inflammation.

Step 2:

Apply a pressure bandage on the joint. It is better if it is elastic bandage, but in its absence, you can use ordinary. Try not to give the load on his bruised knee. Well, if we can immobilize him for at least 1-2 days.

Step 3:

If necessary, take a pain-killer, "Nurofen", "Ketanov", "Nise", etc. They not only facilitate your health, but also to remove the inflammation.

Step 4:

Apply to the bruised joint cabbage leaf, only pre-make it a few notches, through which will be the juice. Also, when a knee injury effective poultice of cottage cheese. Apply it to the affected area, cover with a polyethylene top and secure with a bandage or clean cloth. Change the compress once a day.

Step 5:

For the treatment of knee injury can be used not only to folk remedies, but also pharmaceutical ointments. Well it helps "diclofenac" "Diklak", "Indomethacin", "Finalgon" and the like. Apply several times a day until complete recovery.

Step 6:

If within a week knee pain has not passed, get direction to the physiotherapy. Typically, 10-15 procedures electrotherapy dynamic currents and UHF-therapy is sufficient for a complete recovery.

Step 7:

Do not give up on doctor's advice. Ideally, it should be carried out on the day when the injury is obtained. In some cases, the injury is masked by a fracture or any other serious damage. Self-medication in this case, only harm. Only after X-ray examination can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment.