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How to cure plantar warts

Plantar warts - these are small growths, which in appearance resemble calluses. They mainly occur due to wearing tight shoes uncomfortable. As a rule, these warts is quite painful, so if they are not treated, they cause difficulty in walking.

How to cure plantar warts

You will need:

- spoiled milk; - Pickled cucumbers; - Vinegar.

Instruction how to cure plantar warts

Step 1:

Treatment of plantar warts can be carried out with the help of official medicine, and with the help of folk remedies. If you prefer traditional medicine, then together you can choose the most suitable way for you to remove plantar warts with specialists. The most common methods are the surgical excision of warts, laser ablation, cryotherapy (removal with liquid nitrogen) and burning acid. Each of these methods has its own advantages, so when choosing the most appropriate for you one of the main criteria are the individual characteristics of your body.

Step 2:

If you prefer traditional medicine, you can try to cure plantar warts using sour milk or pickled cucumbers. Before going to bed make a hot foot bath to steam the skin. After that, put a folded several times a bandage circle cut from pickled cucumber or more bunches of sour milk. Apply a bandage on the wart, put a piece of cellophane or food film and fix the compress on the foot by a bandage, and then put on warm socks. In the morning remove the wrap and the need to ask someone from the household to cut with a razor blade to steam the upper edges of the wart. However, it should be done with extreme caution and not try to remove as much as possible, as this may cause bleeding.

Step 3:

You can also try to treat warts by using vinegar. For example, can an eye dropper every day (because of the pain is better to do this procedure in the evening) to drip onto the wart vinegar, careful not to touch the skin around it.

Step 4:

Furthermore, in the treatment of warts and must take additional measures. So, it is advisable to take a course of drugs to strengthen the immune system (there are cases that after this course the warts disappear on their own). You also need to pay special attention to hygiene of the feet: they need to be washed as often as possible and do the bath. If you wear socks, make sure that they are clean and change them several times a day. In addition to this is to abandon uncomfortable and tight shoes.