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How to deal with the virus in a child

Autumn came, and the children begin to attend educational institutions. Autumn time is not only a beautiful time of year, but also a time when parents are forced to spend a lot of money on medicines to fight the virus in the child. Viral diseases are frequent companions kids who go to kindergarten or school. Parents need to know that you must take to get rid of the virus.

How to deal with the virus in a child

To fight the virus in a child should his immunity. Parents should only help their child cope with the disease. Moms and dads can to doctor's appointments to apply the following folk remedies to cure the child:

Child drink tea (or a little water) with honey; give broths cranberry or cranberries, compotes; chopped onion and garlic and put the bedside of the child; ventilate the apartment; conduct daily wet cleaning in the apartment; humidify the air; wash the baby's nose using saline or special medicines based on sea water with a cold.

Note the use of any traditional therapies is possible only if the child has an allergy to them.

How to deal with the virus in the child, if the temperature rises?

The child coughs, he had a runny nose and even the temperature rose. The last symptom often scares mom the most. Although no avail. Fever suggests that the body of your child began to struggle with the virus. Doctors recommend not to shoot down the temperature, which varies 38,5-39 degrees. It is at a temperature above 38 degrees in the body begins to produce special protective agent - interferon that fights off viruses. So do not rush to antipyretic, if you see on the thermometer fever. Give the child to cope with the disease.

However, it is worth remembering that if a child does not tolerate high temperatures, it is recommended to shoot down her already at a mark on the thermometer at 37.5 degrees. If the temperature is kept at the highest level and it is difficult to go astray or not break even with the help of fever-reducing medications, you should consult an ambulance or call the doctor at home.

How to deal with the virus in a child with bacterial complications?

In the normal course of viral diseases temperature should start to decrease after three days, and sometimes can hold up to 5 days. If improvement is not started on the fourth day of the disease, it can be assumed that a viral infection joined bacterial complication. In this situation, no special drugs is not enough. Typically, doctors prescribe for bacterial complications of antimicrobials.

Since the use of antibiotics is undesirable to them without real evidence, it recommended to pass the necessary tests to confirm the diagnosis. The easiest way is diagnostic - Clinical analysis of blood leukocyte formula. According to the results the doctor can evaluate - whether the child is struggling with a virus, or in the body began bacterial complications.