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How to eat after tooth extraction

On the first day after tooth discomfort may even deliver a simple turn of the head, not to mention the meal. And, nevertheless, good nutrition is necessary for the body to have had the strength for a speedy recovery. Do not refuse to eat either in the first or second day after surgery. When properly drafted menu and gentle power mode is minimal risk of complications.

How to eat after tooth extraction

Instruction how to eat after tooth extraction

Step 1:

In the first two hours after surgery refrain from eating. During this time, the extracted tooth hole should form a blood clot, which will prevent the infiltration of food particles deeper into the wound. For the same reason you should not drink, especially through a straw. Pressure drops in the mouth may adversely affect the wound healing.

Step 2:

Two hours after tooth extraction can have a snack. Preferred food is homogenous. This may be a soup or mashed potatoes as well as cereal, yogurt, etc. The dish should be not too hot, as this may lead to dissolution of the blood clot is located in the hole of the extracted tooth. However, cold food is also undesirable, therefore the products stored in the fridge, prior to pre-warm the room temperature.

Step 3:

In the next 3-4 days, expand the diet. Not necessarily limited to cereals and mashed, add the menu, steam cutlets, fish, vegetables, pasta, etc. Avoid a sharp, salty and smoked foods. Do not eat crackers, nuts and other foods, which can injure the gums. Chew side opposite to where the tooth is removed.

Step 4:

As before, watch out for the food and beverage temperature. Too hot pre-cooled to 37-40 °, too cold warm the least to room temperature.

Step 5:

Rinsing the mouth in the first two days after tooth extraction is prohibited, however, to wound healing was uneventful, it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the oral cavity. We can not allow on the injured gum for a long time remained the food particles, so after a meal should drink at least a few sips of water, tea or any other beverage.