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How to expel water from the body

Water is essential to man, but, unfortunately, the connective tissues are able to delay its excessive amount. From this there are swelling, the kidneys worsens, increasing the load on vessels, the cardiovascular system, increases blood pressure. How to expel from the body of excess water?

How to expel water from the body

Instruction how to expel water from the body

Step 1:

One of the most effective ways to get rid of excess water is salt-free diet. If you begin to notice at the propensity to edema, try to limit the use of salt for a few days, but it is better to give me away. From lack of salt swelling will take place very quickly, but out of the salt-free diet should be cautious, in no case did not immediately pounce on salty foods, salted very little start, gradually increasing the dose.

Step 2:

Severe swelling can be removed by using diuretics. But these drugs are best not to be used without a doctor's recommendation. If you do decide to take a diuretic, you should know that these drugs are washed away with the water from the body of potassium, magnesium and calcium. Lack of trace elements impairs the heart's activity, weakens the blood vessels, can appear leg cramps. Therefore, together with the diuretic is required to take medications that contain essential trace minerals, especially calcium.

Step 3:

More sparing diuretic effect have herbal teas. People have long been used for edema tea from the leaves of bearberry or cranberries. But herbs do not need to abuse. To drive away the swelling enough ½ cup three times a day. Course admission depends on your general condition.

Step 4:

There are also some foods that are expelled from the body of excess water. But the list of them is very individual. For example, someone throws water perfectly simple buckwheat, of course, if you eat it without salt, someone oatmeal, someone well help apples. An excellent diuretic considered watermelons. But, unfortunately, when growing these berries are actively using not too useful chemicals. And because watermelons instead diuretic action often, on the contrary, retain water in the body.

Step 5:

And finally, it is worth noting that if you have too often have swelling, you should not self-medicate and to expel water using diuretics. Be sure to check the kidneys and cardiovascular system. In a healthy organism is disturbed the water balance is very rare and mostly the abuse of salted and smoked products.