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How to fix the hump

Humpback (kyphosis) - is a curvature of the upper spine. It may develop in lesions of both one and several vertebrae. Patients who are diagnosed, usually come to the doctor with the same set of complaints. In particular, they are plagued by pain in the back or neck, reduced sensitivity and strength in the legs, numbness occurs. How to fix gibbosity?

How to fix the hump

Instruction how to fix the hump

Step 1:

Correct hump can be actively advertised methods of manual therapy. They are active, first of all, only if the first degree kyphosis, and secondly, if a qualified person applies. In no case do not give in to the entreaties of questionable charlatans that promise instant healing! Ask for help only to an experienced doctor. Remember, too, that the manipulation is always the risk of vertebral displacement and other serious complications.

Step 2:

You can also remove a hump surgically. The indications for this treatment of kyphosis are: 1. Expressed pain syndrome, which is to eliminate the methods of conservative treatment fails. 2. The rapid progression of the kyphotic deformity of the spine, at which the impairment of the nervous structures of the spinal cord, disruption of breathing and circulation. 3. Expressed cosmetic defect, significantly reducing the patient's quality of life.

Step 3:

The first step in the surgical treatment of kyphosis is to eliminate the existing curvature of the spine, and then proceed to the next stage, the main purpose is to stabilize the achieved result. For this purpose, special rods and screws which are made of very durable materials, non-magnetic action, for example, titanium and its alloys. These materials have biological inertness and is not rejected by the body of the patient.