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How to fix the stoop

Stoop, including scoliosis and lordosis, it appears due to improper holding back when walking, especially when sitting. The spine bends in the chest, shoulders protrude forward, his head goes down and the neck "is drawn." At the height of the stoop visually appears smaller and more of a slouch corrected, you can increase the growth of 2-3 centimeters. Therefore, the posture you need to follow, especially for people with below-average growth. So how do you get rid of the stoop?

How to fix the stoop

Instruction how to fix the stoop

Step 1:

To correct a slouch, you need to constantly keep track of how you are sitting, while sitting at home, at school or work. You can not prop up the head with his hands. The back should be straight, head raised. When walking, the head should not be omitted, and the shoulders and neck are drawn in. In order to avoid the development stoop when walking wearing the same load in both hands.

Step 2:

If you carry a big load in the bag, use backpacks with two straps. The first time a few months, getting rid of slouching, your back and lower back will get tired. To maintain them wear a special medical zone that straightens his back hunched.

Step 3:

Stoop can be caused by underdeveloped back muscles. Then, to correct the stoop necessary to perform special exercises for this muscle group. A set of exercises should appoint a specialist, orthopedic surgeon, after a professional inspection. It is advisable to carry out exercises in the gym, which has a special equipment and simulators. Strengthen your back and get rid of slouching also be working with dumbbells.